I Become Karna With a Million Times Crit System In Mahabharata.

(This story take place in different timeline and universe) This is the story about boy named Karan getting recarnatated in the time of Mahabhrata as a Karna. Biggest war at that time. What will happen if he become karna in it? What will happened if as a boon he ask System? What will happen if he get to meet those characters? Is he able to chnage their destiny or it will turn worse? Let's find out what will happen when he born into age of God's. Do he able to achieve what he wanted to or something else's. What if this world is as not as simple as he thought, Let's find out. (Note: I find that there is no mahabhart time novel with system. So I decided that take that task on myself and introduce system in the age of God's.) Disclaimer: Remember this is fanfiction of Mahabhrata. Not "Orignal" Mahabhrata. I have no intention to harm anyone's religious belief, I am just writing what if story in my perspective. If you don't like it, So i kindly request you not read any further, and if you do take it with a pinch of salt. Also, remember I don't have any intention to hurt anyone's belief. This is a fictional story with taken little source material from the epic with my creative touch. Karna is going to be super Over Powered in this story. Discord : Formanaga#5883

ForManaga · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
191 Chs

25. Am I Invincible?

[Ding!!! Host struck by a beam of Yogic power granting the invulnerability of Vajra skin.....

Congratulations to the Host for triggering 10,000 times critical strike...

Congratulations to the host for getting the Body Of Faceslap...

Body of Faceslap: The possessor of this body is immune to external damage and only receives 50% of spiritual damage.

All external and spiritual damage will cause 100% damage to the opponent.]

'Huh!? What kind of name is this? And how come these rewards come like falling out of the sky?'

Karna was stunned seeing the name of the reward, Who can come up with this strange name? A definitely not a sane person.

'Wait!? 100 percent hit-back rate, Didn't that mean I didn't have to attack any opponent, They will be struck back with their own power and I will only receive 50 percent of it, Not to mention my armor can tank all that remaining damage.'