112 Training Session (3)

However, before either the bald guy or Ashton could make any moves, Amaira jumped in between them and literally threw them back to their teams.

Although she would have enjoyed seeing the seniors wreck Ashton, it had to be done in a permitted environment and she could not give permission to them to do as they pleased.

She simply could not have two brain dead fools mess around her class. She had already been given a warning by the Director to control the environment of her class. Thus could not let the two of them fight amongst themselves before the match officially began.

"Both of you morons, stay in your corners until I say otherwise!" She roared as veins bulged out of her head and face. Her face also visibly turned red which was fun to see. 

On the other hand, her frail self was nowhere to be seen and she was back to being the muscular Amaira like she was before. However, her form lasted only for a minute before she turned back into her weak self. 


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