I Ate Too Many [Dream Berries] Again, Didn't I?
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I Ate Too Many [Dream Berries] Again, Didn't I?


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What is I Ate Too Many [Dream Berries] Again, Didn't I?

I Ate Too Many [Dream Berries] Again, Didn't I? is a popular web novel written by the author AkinomaHNU, covering ACTION, ADVENTURE, WORLD TRAVEL, FOOD, SCI-FI AND FANSTASY, GAME-LIKE WORLD, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 21.5K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 3 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 8 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Have you ever dreamed of becoming an adventurer? Go on a journey, fight monsters, kill demons, slay gods. Or steal a dragon egg and take it as your pet. Shoot through the cosmos on your favorite pirate ship. Travel to di- Oh? You don't want to be an adventurer? Well that's fine too. In Sky's Edge, you could be an architect, a mechanic, a businessman, a farmer, a doctor, or anything that comes to mind. There is an endless string possibilities. Come and join the world of Sky's Edge. A place where the limit is... there's no limit. ... is what I'd like to say if this was a game. Not that it matters. Avery had a dream. (Yes, I'm talking about the kind of dream you see in your sleep.) And that dream felt as if it came straight out of a half-Sci-fi-adventure-fantasy themed VR game. She had her favorite for her avatar's main class, Assasin. Her two sub-classes? Beast Tamer and... Chef? It was a great dream. But then she woke up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- "Wait. Why is the view outside the window so different?" "What's up with these weird clothes I'm wearing? Why am I wearing armor?" "I'm not still dreaming am I?" Avery pinched her cheeks as hard as she could making her wince. [ -1 HP ] [Self-Inflicted Damage] A sudden prompt popped up in the upper left corner of her field of vision. Avery waved her hand as if she was putting down a mahjong tile and the menu screen appeared in front of her. Crestfallen, she read through all the contents and the available options once. Twice. Thrice. Ten times. "You have got to be kidding me!" Cradling her face in her hand, she fought the onset of a headache. "I ate too many [Dream Berries] again didn't I?"


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The story is amazing! The only real problem is the author just stopped. This means they didn't update in forever, but hey. I'll continue waiting.


Hey there! Here are some web novel recommendations for whom share the same taste with me. If you like this story, my recommendations are worth a try! https://docs.google.com/document/d/19R5KkqHOOHSMDkF4fHscVmxWcYGh0OntYsv8NglzsQo/edit?usp=sharing


At the beginning of the chapter 1, you are thrown with some really big words probably cause of the Iisekai setting. Avery as a character is very well rounded and the reason to come back to the story for more. At times, Alchemist is written as Alchenist, probably cause of n and m being very close in QWERTY keyboard. I wouldn't hope for new chapters - the author has a record of leaving most of stories unattended. But if it does come out, and gets completed, it surely deserves to be in the competition.


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