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I am the Queen


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Read I am the Queen novel written by the author MiuNovels on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, r18, modern, strongfemalelead, fiction. βœ“ Newest updated βœ“ All rights reserved


[Mature Content] Evangeline has it all, the looks, the money, the men. She was unstoppable and took anything and everything she wanted with a smile on her face. The men adore her and the women yearned her friendship in secret even the most jealous of hearts. But will everything change at the appearance of a poor, part-timer, nerdy man? ---- Vote with Power Stones and get extra chapters! 100 = 1 extra chapter 500 = 2 extra chapters 1000 = 3 extra chapters 2000 = 5 extra chapters ---- Hey Guys! Read my other novels: Reincarnation Series: Leanna (COMPLETED) Estela (COMPLETED) Zoe (COMPLETED) Emery (COMPLETED) New Novel: Realm Wars (ML) Genre: Dark Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Mature, R18, Romance, RPGelements, GAMEelements, OPmc Angels, Demons, Sprites, Elves, Beastmen Stalk me here: Facebook - MiuNovels or drop me a massage at discord MiuNovels#0725

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Hi everyone! I'm here to promote my book. ^v^ If you like female leads that are nasty, arrogant and haughty, give this book a try. ^v^ This book is not like most books here that reach thousands of chapters. At most it will reach the hundreds, though each chapter have 1500 words mininum. The story also doesn't focus in just one character. If you like those types, give it a try. What else, oh yeah, I interchanged between 1st person, 2nd person and 3rd person whenever i felt like the story would have more impact. And, english is not my first language so do pardon any gramatical errors.


Very interesting to read , you will definitely not want to stop reading it ...I love this novel , looking forward to more release and your first novel was definitely worth reading even though I couldn't finish it .


More update please!!! 😣 Can't get anough! I've reread this story so many times already! Update! More updates please! Can't get anough! I've reread this story so many times already! Update! More updates please!


This is a very beautiful piece and intriguing , every character is well crafted and I can't just wait for the climax , though the update is too slow 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁


This novel is soooo nice and addicting...I request to update chapters as quick as possible...I want more. The twist n turn of the story is too good.


I really like this story every since from wattpad this story gives me sleepless night I like the author the way she describes every character the sittings the plot this story should be recognize. for me i really want to read all and finish this story if this story publish I may be the first one to buy...** pls update more πŸ™ I'm Glad I'm found my one of favorites Author here I love you Saranghae ❀❀❀


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The books in awesome I love the female lead with a sharp mouth She goes so well with her Eric 😍 I'm hooked I love your book, you've really put a lot into this book, I feel it deserves all the reviews and better. I wish I wasn't so young, I would have bought the chapters 😣


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I like this novel like the others works of Miu. But I have to say this one is much more frustrating than the others. Eric is annoying me and I don’t understand why Evangeline isn’t getting rid of her stupid father and his whores. She totally can. Why bother keeping them especially Angel Lin? I can’t wait to know how the situation will evolve.


I always like your way of writting dear author. I am your fan of novel Leanna. Also novel " i am the queen". In Leanna novel Cain was possessive character but I am the Queen..Eric like wolf in sheep clothing.


So Eric knew the date of her birthday. But her father don't remember her birthday but he celebrated who doesn't have blood relation. What kind of father he is?


One of the best stories i ever read Honestly i was a bit skeptical in the the first few chapters but later on i can't seem to put it down i wanted more & more chapters . It's so addictive there no way to predict the direction of the story and character arcs. I absolutely love it ❀❀


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Finish reading the latest chapter and the more i read the more it just get better!! It didnt disappoint and im asking for more!! 😍❀❀❀ Though update is a bit slow. 😭


I need to post a review since i need the stone and since im reading this novel, might as well. The Story is interesting so far and the characters are amazing!! This is a story that got me hooked at first read and my favorite so far here in webnovel. Can't wait for more updates!! ❀


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This story is really great. There's nothing that I can complain about. I learned alot from this story. Good job author!!! I like this soooooooo much


I find this novel actually surprising as this is not the type I will be reading more into the fantasy/action. yet this jas got a me hook and like to read more of it, so I say great job.


ive read this before and thank god its updating again! i luv luv luv the characters. the rich girl poor boy sweet romance and evry character's story. if u like villanous FL then i recomend this! the characters have unique personalities and the ML isnt just a copy and pasted trope slapped on the book. i wuv wuv him! isnt possessive and domeneering but he's aloof and has a sweet2x heart for FL only [img=update]


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