I Am Really Not The Son of Providence
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I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Palace in the Clouds

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What is I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

I Am Really Not The Son of Providence is a popular web novel written by the author Palace in the Clouds, covering Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 1.1M readers with an average rating of 4.58/5 and 165 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 69 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After his transmigration to the cultivation world, Shen Tian discovers that he can see the fortuitous opportunities and their providence haloes of others. In order to rub off some of the luck from these opportune characters, Shen Tian proactively gets close to them. … Eventually, everyone realizes that no matter who it was, as long as they hang out with Shen Tian, they will gain lots of fortuitous opportunities! And there’s no exception to this rule! From then on, Shen Tian was labelled as the most popular lucky mascot in the cultivation world! Fairy Qing Yue: "I once followed my Senior Brother to the Kunlun Secret Realm in the West, and obtained the Sun And Moon Orb!" Princess Ling Long: "I once followed my Senior Brother to the Imperial Burial Valley in the Northern Sea, and both of us inherited skills from Emperor Dan!" Immortal Phoenix Queen: "Haha, what a bunch of fledglings! Do you know how he got his Dragon-Phoenix Immortal Form?"

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Really good book in my opinion. The main character is a person from Earth who has transmigrated into the body of a prince, and his power is to see the luck of people as halos with colors representing luck levels. His is pitch black, the embodiment of unluckiness though 👌.


Sobefore even reading i already know what he does, he hangs out with cliche people who have a protagonist aura(smth similar)Then when the luck happens, he also gets the stuff. Since he has done it with a lot of people, others think he has heaven defying luck.


I read 13 chapters, my head boiled. The author simply jumps from one event to another, without thinking about the details, he does it so stupidly that it even seems funny. Collecting all my reading experience, I can say that if the author at the very beginning simply ignores the details or forgets about them, it will only get worse. It rarely happens otherwise. I will not read further, and of course the score is up to chapter 13, and not the whole novel, but 13 chapters were enough for me. The main character is ridiculous and absurd, his problem is described as superficially as possible, it is not clear what the author actually means, there is only a description in the title, there is no other and will not be for a long time, as it seems to me. The world is big, but again, who is so interested in this? Definitely not a mc. And most importantly, his methods of solving the problem, the author thinks that it is funny and easy to read, but no, this is stupidity and absurdity, without details it also offends the intellect of the reader. If you are 13 years old and you are ready to read the work of your peer, I think you will have no problems with this work_ ..


It’s alright... I just don’t like the harem collecting that seems to be going on here and before you attack me, look I know it’s a comedy and it makes fun of it and well yes I did laugh but to me it’s kinda meh to be honest in terms of story plotting. I just don’t like where it’s going and to me at least a far superior comedy cultivation novel would be the likes of I might be a fake cultivator and the cultivation chat group which both have quite the interesting characters and well of course even more amazing comedy. So yeah that’s my opinion here and my review thanks for reading.


First! (Will alter review after reading if needed) Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!


very cliché xinxia predictable with plotholes bigger then Pacific ocean .dence mc forced comedy harem haven toppling beauties raining left and right its totally bullocks .and translation quality is not good for a professionally translated work.at least this is still tolerable and you dont have anything to read go for it


60 chapters in and he's a one trick pony prince who acts like a pauper instead of a prince. He's not only getting his fortune improved, he's also plundering material benefits without impunity or restraint. The thinking is a little small and I'm not very optimistic about how he's going to get better because let's face it: these MCs never grow emotionally, they actually just become more shameless and/or lustful. All the really important people he's helping are jade beauties too...


Short Title : IRCL Alternate Title : 我真的不是气运之子 / I Am Really Not The Son of Providence Status : Ongoing 390 Author : Yun Zhong Dian Country : China Type : Web Novel Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Xuanhuan Tags : Body Tempering, Comedic Undertone, Handsome Male Lead, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist Qingyue Fairy: I once traveled three thousand miles with my brother to the west, and won the golden sun and moon in the Kunlun secret realm! Linglong Emperor Ji: I once accompanied my brother to the East Sea Emperor’s Burial Valley and accepted the inheritance of Emperor Dan! After the Undead Phoenix: Ha ha, a group of chicks! Do you know how he got his indelible body? … Through the Xiuxian Realm, Shen Tian found that he could see the luck and chance of other people around him. With the idea of rubbing the protagonist’s protagonist halo, Shen Tian began to make friends with those lucky children. … Later, everyone gradually discovered: No matter who it is, as long as you experience it with Shen Tian, you will inevitably encounter great opportunities, without exception! Since that day, Shen Tian has become the most popular mascot in Xiuxian Realm.




This novel is amazing. It should definitely be picked. I have read a lot of novels throughout the years and I can say this with complete assurance it is one of the few masterpieces. it is filled with action and comedy, adventure and great world building, everything seems to real and fantastic at the same time... I would strongly recommend this novel to both a new reader and a veteran!!!!


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it been out for over a month as well as having close to 600k votes, WHEN IS IT COMING OUT!! extra extraextraextraextraextra extraextraextraextra




guys this novel is so funny and enjoyable!!!! I hope everyone else votes for it as well!!!


very cliché xinxia predictable with plotholes bigger then Pacific ocean .dence mc forced comedy harem haven toppling beauties raining left and right its totally bullocks .and translation quality is not good for a professionally translated work.at least this is still tolerable and you dont have anything to read go for it


Currently on chapter 20 and fortunately managed to stop myself from continuing to binge read with the skill i have cultivated from reading webnovels for year. So here's my first impression and thoughts about the novel. First, i have just have to get this out quick, the humour and writing style of the author reminds me a lot of my time reading "The Strongest System," with it's crude jokes that makes me laugh. This for me is a good thing as I personally like a light hearted cultivation novel. Next would be the style it think it's heading towards, I feel that the story would go with the face slapping route, and much as i hate it I have seen a bit of red flags but nothing to extreme yet, one of them is the exposition that took up 60% of one of the chapter, and the low amount of actions in a chapter, which is personally fine for me, but that would mean that it will be much better to let this novel stack up on chapters rather than following the latest releases. That's about it actually, I have only read 20 chapters and stopping now so I haven't delve much to the story but I wanted to provide my first impressions for everyone.


this is some interesting book.. it's funny.. but sometimes got info dump out of the blue in between..but overall, it's worth the time.. good job


Have they dropped the translation???. Pls not Im addictet ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord ForWord


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