2 The Killer of The Killer

"Oh! Peter!" A lady in her mid-30s opened the door and latched onto Peter as she broke down into his chest.

"May?" Peter blinked in surprise. His aunt May was a lot younger than he had expected. She looked similar to aunt from the later movies. Shaking off his surprise, he returned the hug and rubbed her back, trying to calm her. "Shhh, let it all out. It's alright."

Peter took her back inside, still comforting her as they sat on the couch. After May calmed down a bit she began to ask him about what happened at the Police Department.

"Nothing. The investigating officer was running around in circles and was trying to pin me for it for some reason." Peter said.

"How could they?!" May was baffled as well. "I should-

"It's alright. He was doing his job I guess, just poorly. Captain Stacy helped me out though. He even dropped me back." Peter said. "He knew uncle Ben, he said. Looked up to him."

"I see..."

"I... Uncle Ben would be devastated to see you in this state." Peter said softly as he got up and walked into the kitchen. He sighed as he heard May whimpering loudly. As much as he wanted to feel grief for Peter's dead uncle he simply couldn't but he could at least empathise with May. Sighing again Peter closed the fridge door and begin cooking. "I wish I could do more to help her."

A few minutes later Peter walked out with a few dishes on a tray.

"Here you go! Lemon Chicken Pasta and roasted veggies!" Peter said with a half-smile as he laid the dishes in front of May causing her to look at him in surprise. "What?"

"You can-When did you learn to cook?!" She asked. Peter winced internally and forced a smile as he sat beside May.

"You need to eat." He said took the bowl in his hand and scooped some pasta, he careful blew on it to cool it before extending it towards May. "Just now. This is the least I can do for you."

May's eyes that had been watching Peter became watery and her lips began to quiver, she let out a sad chuckle trying to stifle her sobs. She ate the pasta and nodded, closing her eyes. She was crying. "It's delicious."

Peter just smiled sadly as he scooped up some more food.

"Good. Cause you ain't getting up until you finish all of this." Peter said in a playfully stern tone.

May chuckled wiping her tears.

Washing the dishes Peter walked out of the living room and saw May sleeping on the couch. She was exhausted and emotionally drained. Without disturbing her he walked towards his room with conviction in his eyes.

Closing the door behind him, he grabbed the prototype web-shooters Peter had designed after discovering his powers.

He went through Peter's wardrobe and inside the box full of old and odd clothes he found what he needed.

"Time to get dressed then. Assassin's Creed style."

A few minutes later, Peter was dressed in a long hooded, black trenchcoat and dark grey pants. Tying his laces he covered his lower half face with a black facemask and pulled up the hood to cover the rest majority of it.

He stepped out of the window and crawled to the roof.

"Now to let nature take its course." Taking a deep breath he jumped off the roof and by instinct he started swinging. "This is kind of fun."

Smirking to himself, Peter flung himself through the heights of NYC. The adrenaline rush was addictive and paired with the bright city lights, the feeling of swinging was almost hypnotizing.

Landing in a darkened alley he walked out and towards the spot uncle Ben was killed.

Inspecting the area he went around the shops nearby and casually tried to get some information and he managed to get was a name.

"Dennis Carradine." Peter muttered walking out of a cafe. The owner was pretty talkative and the waitress was also kind enough to give him some more information.


"Where to?"

"Central Park." Peter said as he got it. "Please be a little quick, I would hate to be late for my appointment."

The taxi driver gulped loudly but nodded nonetheless. Dressed all black and shady, Peter didn't exactly look the friendliest.

"I am friendly... In case if you are wondering." Peter smiled to himself in amusement as the driver almost his composure for a moment. Chuckling to himself he leaned back into his seat.

He was in a new reality. There was no denying it. He just had to figure out which one was this. But that was for later. He had more pressing matters at hand.

"We are here... Sir?"

"Thanks. Here. Keep the change." Peter got of the taxi and walked inside the park.

"Thank you, Sir!" He heard from over his shoulder.

"You are most welcome." Peter muttered to himself. Peter walked through a specific path with a clear intention in his mind. From a bystander point of view, it may seem that a lonely figure was just strolling but it was anything but innocent in reality.

"Hello." Peter said as he sat beside a sick looking man on one of the many park benches. "I heard you could help me. Help me get something."

"I could? For the right amount, I could help you get anything." The sick looking man smirked as he pulled out a plastic bag containing powder and placed it on the bench in front of Peter. "What is it that you need? Drugs? Guns? or something else?"

Peter sighed internally. 'This guy is a moron.'

"Aren't you too casual? You don't seem too worried. For all you know I could be a cop." Peter asked a bit curious.

"Haha, you are way too dressed up to be an undercover cop." The guy laughed grabbing his sides. "So, what is that do you need?"

"An address."


"Dennis Carradine."

"I don't sell that." The man abruptly stood up and started walking away.

"What's the hurry, buddy?" Peter grabbed the man by the shoulder but the man suddenly turned and pointed a gun at him. "Hey! Hey! Calm down, alright?"

"Fuck you! Who the hell are you?!" The man lost his cool and just seemed desperate to get out. "I'll kill you if you move! Do you know what this is?! Gun! I'll kill you! I've done it before! You! I'll-"

"Oh, alright. Go ahead and shoot." Peter

just shrugged confusing the man. "Go ahead and shoot me. You are going to be caught anyways. My team has surrounded you and there's no way for you to escape."

"What?! Really?!" The man was nervous now.

"Nah." Peter suddenly shot a web at his face and before he knew it he was on the ground, groaning in pain with his pinned behind him. "Stop struggling you vermin. If you don't stop then I'm gonna snap this hand of yours in half like a skinny twig and I swear I'll enjoy every moment of it."

"No, no. I'll speak! What do you need?! Dennis?! He's in the Cartel house near that old casino! He and his boys rob shops and smuggle illegal weapons! That's all I know! I swear! I swear-" Peter turned the man over and stomped on his face effectively knocking him out.

"Shit. I may have broken his jaw I think." Peter searched the man and took all bundle of cash he had. "Thanks for your patronage. You are such a nice guy."

"Anyways..." Peter walked out of the park with his mind made up. "To finish this chapter now."


"Where to?"

"Cartel house."


After getting off the taxi, Peter stalked around the Cartel house trying to find a different entrance but his plans went out of the window's as his ears picked screams.

"What the-" Peter rushed inside and was surprised by what he saw.

"I swear I have nothing to do with that orphanage bro! I swear Cletus!" Dennis screamed in fear before he was stabbed in the leg by a deranged looking man with blood all over his face. "Ahhh!"

"Na-ah! Big boys don't cry." Cletus Kasady cooed with a sadist glee as he stabbed Dennis in the leg over and over again. Around him were the dead bodies of Dennis' henchmen. "And if they cry, they die!"

"Nah, they just get a big boy pacifier." Peter said suddenly surprising Cletus. "Oi, surprise mate. Smile and say cheese shit head."


"Now you have been caught in 4K!" Peter smiled as he put his phone away.

"Who? Who the hell are you?!" Cletus finally realised what happened and he leapt in Peter's direction forgetting about Dennis trying to catch Peter but Peter was having none of it.

Intercepting the attack aimed at his abdomen by grabbing his wrists, Peter shook his head in mock disappointment. He slowly twisted his hand. Cletus began screaming and Peter crippled his arm.

"Ahhhhh-" He let go of the knife and Peter headbutted him, breaking his nose and almost knocking him out. "Oh.My.God. Cletus Cortland Kasady in flesh, but holy shit you look like shit."


"At least Woody Harrelson made you look cool." Peter kicked him in the gut without remorse before stomping on his face and knocking him out. "God, I love doing that."

Looking around he sighed feeling a headache building in his cerebral.

"Now to clean this mess." Peter webbed Dennis' wound to stop the bleeding before tying up Cletus.

He left police an anonymous tip and looked down from the top of a building as they arrived and on time for once.

They apprehended Cletus and the medic escorted him to the emergency and cleared the building of the dead bodies.

Peter smiled to himself as he jumped off the building and swung away just as Captian Stacy looked in the direction he was a few moments ago.

He tiptoed back into his room and changed quickly after a bath before going down and laying on the couch beside May trying to catch some sleep after the long day of hard work.

"Good for the first time, aye?"


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