12 The Beginning 4

(3rd POV)

"Only later did the little girl found, the witcher and the priest's cook tricked the priest and realised everything that happened to her was because of the witcher's greed, unable to take revenge on the dead witcher thus she came to hate the witcher kind!" Viz finished his story.

"The little girl in the story was Tetra?" Lady Zerbst asked as she took a deep breath.

"Well, you got that right." Viz said.

"she is pitiable," Lady Zerbst continued, "Now that I understand why she is consistently against the witchers, but it did not give her right to accuse the witchers falsely."

Viz agrees with her, but witchers aren't truly the innocent anymore except the younger generations.

"Change of subject, master Viz. Please be present at the royal cort. Your highness might summon you tomorrow.", Lady Zerbst chuckled with a mysterious glint.

"I'll be there, but how about leaving the introduction to me?" Viz said as he stood up, "It time to leave, excuse me, lady Zerbst."


(Viz's POV)

I am waiting outside of Royal court. The king has at to summon me.

But my witchers sense was picking everything happening inside the royal cort!

The plot, The Witcher Nightmare of wolf, was starting…

It means the count down to demises of school of wolf was nearing!

I hate to admit it; I am powerful enough to end this plot before it begins and save Kaer morhen from its sure demises.

I could even kill Tetra Gilcrest anonymously… and end the plot.

Or I could kill Kitsu and destroy the Elven school, but this will one delay the inevitable.

But the thing is, I don't want to harm these women. They were already pitiful enough, and it evoked a great sympathy in me.

However, I still wanted to save Kaer Morhen… no, I'll save Kaer Morhen!

And to do that I need time and to gain time I need to find the elf Filavandrel, first, before he meets Vesemir in Kaedwen.

While I was thinking all this… Tetra Gilcrest had finished her groundless accusations on witchers, creating mutated monsters in Kaedwen!

But what the people in the royal court didn't know was, Tetra's groundless accusations were correct!

The duo, Deglan and Reidrich were responsible for these mutations!

I can't say that Deglan was ultimately a bad person. Whatever he was doing was for the good of witchers! But at the same time it wasn't good for people of Kaedwen!

complexity creates miserable situations!

And this situation was a fine example of it.

"Lord Viz, Your highness is summoning you!" The royal court's gate guard informed me.

When lady Zerbst invited me yesterday, I already had a guess where it might lead to. Lady Zerbst wanted to use my deed to improve witchers image.

It was a good thing for me, if I am not wrong the present king of Kaedwen, Dagread would give me a gift.

But what type of gift I will receive will depend on the identity I'll be presenting in the Royal Cort.

I walked inside as the gate guard introduced me.

"Lord Viz an Brokvar! The witcher from the school of wolf! And also a noble blood from a clan of Brokvar from Skellige Islands!"

Hey, what's wrong with using my noble identity to gain some extra benefits!?

You say the assassins might come after me, fuck let them come, lets see who kills who!

The royal court turned silent after my intro, before they started murmuring in surprise.

Even the King himself got surprised.

Tetra Gilcrest and Lady Zerbst had her eyes widened.

My situation was a rare one!

A noble becoming a witcher!

"Greetings, Your Majesty.", I came forward and bowed my head to King Dagread, "Greetings, Your Majesty."

"Greetings, Lord Viz." King Dagread asked, "You are very far away from your lands, Lord Viz?"

"Its complicated, Your Majesty. I beseech you not dwell on it." I said.

I don't want others to know my situation. As a noble myself, my words carry some weightage. It was also because of this I appeared as a noble in the court rather than just a witcher!

"I recognize your wish, lord Viz." King Dagread looks at me with interest, "I thank you for your heroic deed saving Prince Amavet, and such heroic deed deserves a reward. Tell me what do you desire, lord Viz."

Well! this is unexpected! And I don't want to miss this chance!

I was expecting an already prepared reward, but King Dagread was leaving the choice to me!

"I am truthfully delighted, your majesty, and I do have a request that I want Your Majesty to grant it.".

"State it." King Dagread asked.

"I beseech your majesty, to permit me doing large-scale business in Kaedwen." Viz said.

I was already planning on business in Kaedwen, and to do so I would need permits, which I could get from the noble lords of Kaedwen.

But with the permit from the king himself, I would just need a single permit and it comes with some privileges!

"Eh?" King Dagread was stunned. "what kind of business do you plan to do, lord Viz?"

"I havn't decided it at, Your majesty." I said.

It's true, as I can use chaos, I need to understand my abilities in magic completely before deciding the business I wanted to do!

King Dagread stared at me for a while, and said, "I shall grant you the permit to do business in Kaedwen, lord Viz… now the Royal Court matters be recess."

As King Dagread stood up and left, everyone bowed their head and started leaving.

Now the next thing was to find Filavandrel but before that I need to visit Ban Ard!

The Magic city and the pearl of Kaedwen!

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