I Am an Evil Lord Yet, Why Are They Happy to Serve Under Me?

A young man, after remembering his past life memories, trying his best to become the most fearsome evil lord in history. This fanfiction is set in my original world, but MC will travel to an anime world per volume. To be warned, this story is not a Kingdom Building Fic. P.S. Typical Japanese LN name, yea? Thank you, Yvel Draws for the cover art! https://www.deviantart.com/yvel1342 Please take care of me!

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Look at Me, I Am the Harem Protagonist Now

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In the galaxy, far, far away, an old man is sitting around the round table with two other people.

"Now, let us discuss the crime committed by the reincarnator ID 17072000," the old man said solemnly.

"Subject name, Urien Gregorios. Son of… wait, how come he has many mothers?" the man in his forties asked in confusion and stared at the old man.

"Don't look at me. I'm not the one who decided that" the old man shrugged.

"Then… I'll skip the long list of his parents," the middle-aged man sighed and chose to ignore it like any other sane person.

"Let's talk about his crime," the old man nodded.

"With only three of us, My King?" the man asked.

"Yes, only three of us," the old man sighed. "The System Chief is busy with his work. I heard there's a sudden surge of people reincarnating, so he's making more Systems for them. The culprit's System is on her way, but there's a traffic jam on the road," he rubbed his forehead.

"The Duke said he's too lazy to wake up, and we should do the trial ourselves," the old man gritted his teeth. "And others who should be here are either sleeping or playing games," he tightened his fist into a ball. "I cannot understand why this Kingdom is still standing with those kinds of higher ups," he continued.

"I…," the middle-aged man was lost for words. He can't say he also wanted to stay at home and play some games instead of coming here, right?

"Anyway, let's continue with the trial of subject 17072000," the old man muttered with a tired sigh.

"I am sorry, your Majesty. According to the rule book, he is indeed guilty," the man looks at the old man with a saddened look on his face.

"That's your dimensional police's book! I am going to be biased because he is my son. He is not guilty!" the king looks triumphed. Both the police officer and the white beings put their hands on their foreheads. They wondered why they had such a man as the King of Omniverse.

"..." the lady clad in white said.

"Yeah. I wonder why," the king nodded at her.

Looking at the two of them, the police officer interjected, "Excuse me. What are the two of you talking about?"

"Oh yeah… you can't hear what she is talking about, right?"

"That is correct, your majesty," the man nodded.

"She was talking about our idea of making my son miserable when he was transported into her world," the king answered.

"So… what's the problem?"

"The thing is… we can't do a single thing to make him fall into despair," the old man sighed. He looks like it was just another ordinary day for him to push his son into despair.

"..." the white being also said her words.

"I know, right?! We sent Jyahnar to an imaginary tree's branch where he is staying. And somehow, a Baka Tuna from another world line appeared and took the lesbian Cthulhu away from whatever she was doing," the king screamed.

"Since Urien had that irregular Herrscher's power, the Herrschers I sent won't be able to beat him," the white being said, and this time, the police officer was able to hear her.

"And we are not that low to kidnap his dear friends," the king added.

"So… you can't do anything to him?" the man asked.

"Just… look at his status. Even I just found out about it," the king opened the blue screen panel in front of him and sent it toward the man.

"This…," His eyes widened after seeing Urien's hidden status screen. "How come he has his Luck status maxed out?!"

"We don't know," sighed the king. "I even contacted the Luck department and asked the supervisor, but none of them know why," he added.

"Back to the topic," the white being started, drawing attention to her. "Subject ID 17072000 is not guilty. The ability he used was from my world, and that was not his fault," she added.

"Ha! Suck on you!" The king exclaimed and gave a smug look toward the police officer.

"You do know that I was just doing my job, right?" the man stares blankly at his king, who is acting like a child.

"Anyway, I'll send Urien his punishment along with his memories. I don't intend to let him go scot free," the king smiled wickedly at his child's trouble.

"The meeting is adjourned. Let's leave this manchild alone," the police officer stood up and walked out of the room together with the woman in white.


POV back to Urien,

Urien woke up with the body shifting beside him. Opening his eyes, the first thing he saw was the purple, blue hair and the face of his lover.

The whitehead's body went stiff, and he prepared to grab the gun hidden under his bed. But only for him to stop whatever he was doing and heaved out a tired sigh.

"What am I even doing? She is my girlfriend, not the one who killed me in that life," Shaking his head, Urien tried to get up from the bed.

This had been haunting him since the day he got his memories. The face of the woman who had killed him… that had caused him some sort of trauma. Although he was a MANTIS in one of his previous lives, he was just a normal human when he got killed by the Herrscher of Thunder.

His urge to kill Herrscher had multiplied, but on the other hand, said Herrscher is his girlfriend. Unless he wanted to repeat the same mistake he did to HIMEKO, Urien had to be extra careful how he acted near Mei.

Getting new memories gives him not only benefits but also some unwanted memories and more hatred against the Honkai. Shaking his head, Urien tried not to think further.

Why? Well, because the place he is sleeping now is kind of… weird. He had read many harem novels and manga(s) both in this and previous lives.

"Why the heck am I sleeping on the other side of the bed?!" he screamed internally. "Wasn't a harem protagonist supposed to sleep between his harem members?" he continued.

Looking at the person beside him, Urien sighed. It was the purple-haired girl sleeping soundly with a dumb smile on her face. To tell the truth, Urien both loves and hates the girl.

He loves her because she is his girlfriend. And the whitehead hates her because… he touches his chest. The pain… he can still feel it. The pain of getting cut by the blade across his body… how can he forget about it? Dying by her hand… not just him. Many of his friends also died because of her.

Snapping out of his thinking, Urien stares back at the purple eyes staring at him. "Mei?" he started. Noticing the way she was looking at him, he shook his head. "Raiden… What do you want?" he asked.

"Heh," the Herrscher smug.

"..." Urien didn't say anything and kept staring at her.

Pointing two of her fingers at her eyes, Raiden said, "Look at me, I am the harem protagonist now."

"I hate you," Urien deadpans.

"Oh my, you finally admit your true feelings. How shocking," Raiden gasped. "But the feeling is mutual," she returned to her usual cold self.

"Can you two stop fighting?" the aura around the purple-haired girl changed.

"Good morning, Mei," Urien smiled at the sight of his girlfriend.

"Good morning to you too, Urien," Mei returned the greeting while snuggling into Urien's chest.

After a while, Mei opens her mouth. "Does… Kiana-chan has a different personality?" she asked.

"She does," Urien nodded.

"And you know her," Mei continued.

"I do," he answered.

"Can you tell me?"

"I'm afraid I cannot."

"I see," Mei nodded. "Does Kiana-chan know about it?"

"No, she doesn't."

"Do you wish to tell her?"

"No, I don't."

"May I know why?"

"It's for Kiana's mental health."

"Do as you please then," Mei replied with a huff. She knows Urien has many secrets. The purple-haired girl even noticed how he flinched whenever he saw her after coming back from Singapore. She did not know it, but she was afraid he would get angry with her when she asked him.

Mei's self-confidence took a toll after everyone left her in Nagazora. If not for Urien, she is afraid she won't be able to stay sane under those harsh words from her ex-friends. Even though the Queen of Thunder now feels better with the help of the people from Saint Freya, Urien is still her pillar of support.

"I'm going to take a bath. Do you wanna join?" Urien asked his girlfriend.

"I'll wait for Kiana-chan," shaking her head, Mei replied.

"Yeah… she might want to see you first thing in the morning instead of me," Urien smiled and patted Mei's head.


"YOU!" Kiana's loud voice resounded throughout the dining room.

"What?" Placing the cup on the table, Urien replied calmly.

"I saved my first time for my beloved Mei-senpai! Why?!" Kiana screamed as she grabbed his collar and shook Urien repeatedly.

"Well, good for you; Mei took both of them," Urien replied with an unimpressed look.

"She did?" That made the idiot tuna stop and whip her head toward the purple-haired girl.

That made Mei flinch and look away. "But… how?" Kiana's mind went into overdrive, thinking about how it happened.

"Don't ask me," Urien shrugged. "Nom, nom, nom. Today's breakfast is amazing, Luna," Urien praised the chef.

"Thank you, Master," while not paying any attention to the girl duo, Luna cleans the table.

"Crap, I am late for the mission," looking at the watch, Urien stood up quickly. "Mei, I'll be going now. Do you want any souvenirs? The mission is in France," Urien asked while Luna was helping him with the necktie.

"Nothing in particular," Mei replied. "As long as you are safe," she added.

"I'll bring back a bottle or two of some famous perfumes," Urien nodded. "And some wine."

"Bring back some tasty food!" Kiana chimed in.

Staring deadpan at the whitehead girl, Urien sighed. "Alright, I'll try to bring back something for you to eat," his palm meets his face.


Arriving at their battleship, Team Salvino flew toward the Mont Saint-Michel. For some reason, after getting back from Singapore, Schicksal HQ has been giving them two or three missions a week, leaving them little to no time to rest.

Sitting on the captain's seat on the main deck, Urien opens at the details of the mission. But he heard Kyuushou's voice coming from the back before he could look at the mission details.

"Urien… I think this is the time for you to tell me why you erased Fu Hua's memories," she stared at him with an unfazed stare, the same way she had never looked at him like that before. "And no dodging the question this time," she added.


Author's Note;

I haven't updated this story for quite a while. I am very, very sorry about that.

Wow, look at it. Did you think Urien won't get into trouble with that mind control thingy? Think again!

And thank you, Maru, for the fantastic illustration of Urien Gregorios. It hasn't been a year since she started drawing, so I'm all for it to support the newbie artist! Even if you guys don't like it, I do. It is such an amazing piece.

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