6 Ch 6 : Nico Robin

I am a rich second generation in One Piece Ch 6

The Central City Square District is one of the most prosperous districts in Alubarna.

It was the afternoon at this time. Many people were window shopping, and the streets were bustling with activity as people brushed shoulders.

Inside one of the best restaurants in Central City Square, two figures were seen currently having a drink together.

It was Robin and Seth, but there was a peculiarity here. Robin, who normally was calm and composed, now had a blush on her face as she looked at Seth.

She was blushing hard, and every time her eyes met Seth, she seemed to enter a state of daze.

' Robin.. control yourself. You are not a teenager falling in love, so why are you like this… But just now, why suddenly I felt like he had gotten a lot more handsome…'

Well, it couldn't be blamed on her, though. In fact, her feelings were true. Just now, Seth had indeed used the system power to enhance his charm to SSS+. If Seth was a charming young man before, then the current Seth could be inferred as A God descended on the earth based on his appearance alone.

But worthy of Robin, even though her heart was currently beating so fast. She could quickly adjust and control her outer appearance, not showing the charmed look anymore to Seth.

She coughed a bit and said:

" I'm sorry, this might be a bit sudden. But I just want to tell you that you should go away from this place and never concern yourself with Alabasta anymore."

Straight to the topic, Seth sees. It seems that even in the original, Robin had met Seth and told him to not meddle with the Alabasta affair anymore. But because that Seth was too infatuated with Vivi, he cursed Robin and didn't give any thought to her words.

If it was his predecessor, he would definitely curse Robin and left. But would Seth, who now had a beautiful woman in front of him, just let her go like that?

[Ding! Robin had warned you to stay away! Please make a choice! ]

[Choice 1: Agreed to her condition and run away. Reward: 'Beginner sniping Proficiency'! ]

[Choice 2: Said that everything was fine! Reward: 'Special attributes: Calming touch'! ]

Seth now was able to see Robin's purpose in asking him to come with her. However, he had another thought. If Vivi could give him 200 counterattacks points, then how about Robin?

Running away would only have a bad impact. Thus, he chose the second option.

[ Ding! Receive the reward " 'Special attributes: Calming touch'!!]

Another wave of special features came and resided in Seth's body.

Seth understood a few things when he received the reward prompt.

It seems he will get to make choices when he comes across choices that are related to the One Piece Main Characters. One example is meeting Vivi. The importance of characters and their influence on the plot determines the rewards. Robin naturally would have a higher reward than Vivi, but because the impact wasn't that big this time, the reward was slightly lowered.

Seth ignored Robin's words as he now looked directly into Robin's eyes.

" First, I must say thank you. I don't know why you are saying this to me. But I could see the concern in your eyes, and I really appreciate that.."

Robin sighed relief when he heard Seth's saying those words. It seemed there would be no unnecessary sacrifice. But Seth wasn't done yet, and Seth's following words made Robin freeze.

" However, I must unfortunately decline. If what you said was true, then Alabasta would soon be enveloped in dire danger, and I just could not let Alabasta away that easily. After all, even if we had broken our engagement, we still were fiancees.."

To be honest, Seth only said those to leave a good impression. As someone who would care about his person. Anyway, Seth knew about Crocodile more than Robin. And based on his inference, even if Seth were to leave now, there was no guarantee that Crocodile wouldn't make trouble to him.

He just broke his engagement with Vivi because he didn't want to be a complete licking dog, not because he didn't want to associate himself with Vivi and Alabasta.

However, Robin seemed to interpret it differently. In her eyes, Seth looked a bit lonely when he said those words and could clearly see the concern he had in his eyes for Vivi. For some reason, it had made her a bit sour.

Just if she could also have someone who could care for her just like this.

Robin shooked her head and was about to leave. But then, she felt her hand being held by Seth.

" Wait a minute.."

" ???? "

Robin raised one of her eyebrows. Normally, she would have counterattacked when her hand was touched like this. But for some reason, Seth's touch felt very comfortable, and it didn't make her feel any danger at all.

" After you come and warn me like that, I just couldn't let you go like this, right? How about I treat you to some food? If not, I would feel bad.."

At this time, being held by Seth while getting looked directly into her eyes, Robin felt her heart was skipping very fast.

It felt like the youth that she had been missing from all the running away and hiding was coming back to her. Obviously, Robin as a woman also desires a safe place and a man that cares for her, but because of her circumstances, she can only let that dream go.

Now that Seth was holding her like this, the thought resurfaced on her mind, but she quickly shook it away.

" Well… if it is just a dinner, then I guess it should be fine.." Robin murmured silently.

Before she came here, she had made sure that no one was tailing her. Therefore, she thought that one day of indulgence should be okay. But after this, she promised that she would not make any more contact with Seth.

Still, only later would she know that she had fallen into a very deep hole, and she wouldn't be able to get out from it.

Under Seth's insistence, Robin eventually agreed to his request.

Although she did not know why she was feeling like this, she didn't reject it when Seth offered his hand. Instead, she felt rather safe when being held by Seth.

Seth chuckles when he sees this expression of Robin. So this woman could also have this expression, he thought.

"All right, let's go then," Seth was like an overbearing president at that moment, not giving Robin any chance to refuse.

They made their way through the Alubarna while holding hands with each other, enjoying their date until the night.

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