1 Chapter 1

Kingdom of Fiore, Northern Region.

In a very remote village, a slightly dilapidated church stands silently.

It is rumored that this was established to seal a certain powerful demon.

No one knows if this rumor is true, and not many people really care.

However, in recent months, whenever night falls, there is always a whisper coming from an unknown place.

The villagers kept vigils and searched frequently, and finally found that this whisper came from a corner of the church!

Thinking back to that rumor, the entire village was soon enveloped in panic.

Villagers moved farther away from the church.

And as long as it gets dark, everyone hides in the house and does not dare to go out at all.

The whispers kept coming from the church, becoming clearer with the passage of time.

For months on, the villagers were on the verge of collapse.

If that whisper is not resolved, the villagers will either be tossed to madness or leave their homes.

You know, the world outside the village is not calm, not only fierce beasts, but also there may be monsters!

And just tonight, several children suddenly came to the vicinity of the church.

"Sister, Brother Su Fan, are you really going to solve the demons in the church?"

The young Elfman asked timidly as he looked at the gloomy and dilapidated church.

"I heard that that demon is so terrifying that even adults don't dare to go to church, why might we go back?"

Lisanna on the side was also worried.

"It's okay, I'm sure we'll be able to defeat that demon and get the village back to normal!"

"You're right, Su Fan. "

Compared to Elfman and Lisana, Miraj is extremely confident as a sister.

At the same time, she moved her gaze to a handsome young man beside her.

"Of course. "

Sensing Miraj's gaze, the corners of Su Fan's mouth twitched slightly, but he replied affirmatively.

It's been a year since I traveled to the world of Fairy Tail.

During this year, Su Fan was accepted by the village and became best friends with Miraj and the three who also lost their parents.

Su Fan originally wanted to take the three of Miraj into the Demon Tail Guild in advance.

After all, it was the protagonist guild of this world.

But it is a pity that after crossing over, his body seems to have changed, returning to the appearance of twelve or thirteen years old, even with the addition of Miraj and them, he does not have the ability to leave the village and travel far.

However, if Mijra can get the power of Satan's soul, then he can go to the Demon Tail Guild!

This was also one of the reasons why Su Fan did not stop Miraj.

Familiar with the plot, he knew very well what was in the church, and even more so that it was just Miraj's bag.

Even in order not to be surprised, Su Fan did not take the initiative to mention the church, everything was natural, waiting for Miraj to take the initiative to go.

Thinking of this, Su Fan sighed.

It would be nice if he could control the magic, then he wouldn't have to be so passive.

It's a pity that there are only ordinary people in this village.

Moreover, the location of the village is still very remote, and it takes more than ten days to walk to the nearest human town, and on the way, it is necessary to pass through many dangerous areas where wild beasts gather.

Fortunately, everything is coming to an end.

Su Fan looked at the church not far away, his eyes were fiery.

However, just as he was about to walk with Miraj to the church, a sound sounded in his ears.

[Ding! detected that a blue card has dropped next to the host, is it picked up?].

Su Fan was stunned at first, but soon realized that this was... Awaken the system!!

At the same time, Su Fan also saw a blue light from the church in front of him.

Without the slightest hesitation, Su Fan decisively said in his heart: "Pick!"

[Ding! Pick it up successfully, get a high-level demon spell card fragment, do you absorb it?].


Soon, a dark, evil, curse-containing power emerged in Su Fan's body.

Just when he sensed the powerful power in his body, information about the system also surfaced in his mind.

Su Fan's system is called [Card Picking System].

Attribute cards dropped by others can be randomly picked up.

The specific abilities of these cards vary, and some are attribute cards that can improve physical fitness.

Such as basic power cards, speed cards, etc.

There are also special ability cards, such as dragon slaying magic cards, magic cards, etc.

However, ability cards are generally stronger, and more often in the form of card fragments.

These card fragments need to collect enough fragments to synthesize the full ability.

However, even if you don't collect all the cards, the fragments can be absorbed, but the ability is worse than what you get with the full card.

For example, the fragment of the high-level demon spell card that Su Fan had just obtained allowed him to obtain part of the power of the high-level demon spell.

However, in order to have a complete high-level demon spell, you need to collect a sufficient number of fragments to be able to synthesize.

In addition, cards are also leveled.

From low to high, they are white, green, blue, purple and gold.

The more powerful characters he encountered, the higher the level would be when Su Fan was able to pick up cards.

It was precisely because there was a powerful demon like Satan's soul in the church that Su Fan was able to pick up the blue card.

"Su Fan, keep up!"

Miraj, who took a few steps forward and sensed that something was wrong, turned his head and saw Su Fan staying in place, and couldn't help but urge.

"Here it is. "

Hearing Miraj's voice, Su Fan came back to his senses and quickly chased after him.

Although he had acquired some high-level demonic spell powers, Su Fan did not choose to take Miraj and them out of the church.

First, he knows Miraj's character, and Miraj, who has not been rejected by the villagers at this time, will definitely not give up the idea of helping everyone kill the devil.

Second, Su Fan also wanted to see if he could use the high-level demon spell as an introduction to obtain the power of Satan's soul?

I didn't dare to do this before, because Su Fan was worried that he would not be able to bear the accident, after all, there was only one life.

But now, it seems that he can try it!

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