61 What A Luxurious Way To Die

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Qin Manyun and Yao Mengji felt as if their heads were to explode. They could feel their blood flowing frantically in their veins.

Yao Mengji forced a smile that was more painful to watch than a cry. Trembling, he said, "Lord…Lord Dog, I'm a huge dog-lover. We're a family!"

Blackie did not bother looking at Yao Mengji. He turned to Qin Manyun and said calmly, "I know you're a guest of my master. You know the rules, I assume?"

Qin Manyun was shocked. She knew this dog looked familiar. Now, she finally recalled Li Nianfan had a black pet dog that looked very much like this!

Her eyes sparkled, and suddenly, she understood what Blackie meant. She said hurriedly, "Yes! I know the rules!"

Blackie nodded. "Remember, my master's experiencing the life of an ordinary man in this realm. Don't disinterest him. I'm just a very normal dog, so is that eagle. It's just an ordinary mountain eagle. Understood?"


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