50 Big Hit

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Everyone had their cell phones in front of them, which they were using to read the incoming comments.

Ling Ya chose one randomly and read it out loud: "What does Boss Wang look like? How old is he? Does he dress like a baller?"

Being the extrovert that he was, Da Gang immediately started performing.

"Let me tell you, bro. His presence was amazing… and his mannerisms were so freaking elegant and refined! While watching him eat, the rest of us didn't even dare to chew…"

And Ah Dai, as the straightforward boy he was, mumbled, "Boss Wang isn't that old…"

Before he could finish speaking, he received a kick underneath the table from the person next to him, who was clearly warning him of his faux pas.

Ling Ya stood up and grabbed the indigestion relief tablets from the rotating tray, cleverly diverting everyone's attention.


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