I'll Surpass The MC

I claimed to be better than the MC. An Eldritch entity decided to put my claim to the test and reincarnated me into the world of the novel I read. But, I’m not alone. There are five other reincarnates? Wait, wait, wait! Why is the MC a regressor now? That wasn’t part of the script! ... Contact me (Discord): anvelope Discord Server: discord.gg/BR5kt99dhV

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Targeting the Snappers (Part 6)

The Influenced Region of Teary-Eyed Snapper broke down into fluid under the effects of Subtle Terrain Domination and seeped into Wally's heart, fusing with his Spirit Container. In a matter of seconds, it became one with his Spirit Container, causing him to feel a bloated feeling.


But once he assumes Empyrean Snapper form, the feeling would vanish, for the massiveness of his Empyrean Snapper's Spirit Container was enough to accommodate the entirety of the Teary-Eyed Snapper's mass.


Thump! Thump!


He felt his heartbeats grow laboured, for the weight of the Spirit Container stressed his heart. In response, Wally infused the power of Subtle Terrain Domination in his heart and handled the excess pressure.


[There's no time, Wally! Hurry!]


The 1st Empyrean Snapper urged him, feeling pressured by Brangara's attacks.