104 Is Little Hus Looking For Trouble Again?

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Pan Zhaodi might look and sound cold, but she was good at her job.

After helping Su Yang settle the agreement, she handed another set of documents to him. 

The documents contained all the terms and conditions of the high-tech park's funding support, entrepreneur subsidies, and services. It was obvious that the government or even the park management itself did not prepare this set of documents for the tenant; it was her own personal work. 

The documents were sorted according to categories and there was also an index that listed all the policies of the program.

Su Yang thanked her and went through the documents. He realized that starting a company could earn a lot of money.

He was not looking at the company's business or whatsoever. He was actually looking at all the subsidies and allowance that his company could get. To be frank, it was a lot of money.

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