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Finally Genin? – Part 10

Finally Genin – Part 10

(I have decided to skip the meeting of Konohamaru and Naruto, in which Naruto uses the Harem no Jutsu against Konohamaru's "caretaker/teacher?" Ebisu. Please know that it did happen though and Konohamaru still has some kind of relationship as "rivals for the title of Hokage" with Naruto. They definitely know each other; this is important for later plot points. But as it is simply boring to write, I have decided to just inform you that it happened. I hope that's fine? :O)

[On the Day that The Genin teams would be announced]

"Naru~, are you ready for breakfast?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, just going to tie up my hair, okay?" Naru shouted.

Naruto was once again so excited that he simply could not sleep any longer, causing him to wake up when Naru was in the bathroom.

Soon, Naru stepped out of her room and walked towards the kitchen.

There, Naruto had already prepared two bowls of ramen.

Naruto handed one to her, not forgetting to also give her some chopsticks.

"Thanks~." Naru says, flashing him a smile.

"No problem, everything for my cute sister~." Naruto says while patting her head.

Naru couldn't help but close her eyes in content.

After having breakfast and making sure that the apartment was properly locked, they leave for the academy.

"Nii-chan why don't you try to shunshin over there? I taught it to you, right? Let's see if you can do it properly hehe~." Naru asked with a smirk plastered on her face.

Naruto stiffened: "Sure … but I don't guarantee that we'll end up at the academy …"

"Just try it~!" Naru coaxed.

Naruto sighed before motioning for her to put one hand onto his shoulder.

After that, he quickly completed the sequence of hand signs needed for the technique and said: "Shunshin no Jutsu!" After which they immediately disappeared from their spot, only to reappear on top of the academy's roof.

"Close enough~" Naru teased.

"Yes, yes …" Naruto sighed.

In fact, Naru only knew this technique because of Kurama's memories. It had been one of the most used techniques in the lives of all of his jinchuurikis. At some point he had picked up on all of the hand signs and the way that the chakra needed to flow throughout a shinobi's body.

Of course, this wasn't possible with just any jutsu. Furthermore, Kurama just did not care enough about any kind of jutsu to learn it, especially since he was most likely never going to use them anyway.

There were some other jutsu that Naru knew because of Kurama's memories, but she never really bothered learning them.

On the topic of Kurama … Naruto's seal had been slowly eroded over time, just like the one in her body had. Though, it was many, many times slower. And because Naruto's body was strong and it would only grow stronger from now, Kurama could probably not take over the body at all, that is, if he even desired that in the first place.

Naru had been looking for a way for them to coexist in one body … but, perhaps they needed to figure that out by themselves. She could only theorize, she did not have such a problem after all.

Her body's seal had already been almost 90% destroyed. Soon, she would become one with the rest of her chakra. This would have several immediate consequences.

She would not age any further. She could, however, try to change her form to look older if she wanted it to. (But she quite liked having a younger body. Not to mention that she would still grow for about two more years. Compared to other girls she already looked quite developed, so it wouldn't be a problem to pass as a grown woman once she reached 14 years of age, or so she predicted.)

Her body would lose its ability to procreate like a human would. She could not get children. When she first figured this out, she became quite sad, she had wanted to see what it was like to be pregnant and to have children of her own. It wasn't something she NEEDED to live, but she was curious. She wanted to experience this part about being a woman too. And if she really wanted to have children in the future … then she would find a different way to have children. (Though she didn't mind the positive side effect of not having to experience period cramps!)

Her body would completely stop being human. Her eyes would become fully golden. While her injuries already healed incredibly quickly, she would then be able to instantly regenerate any part of her form as long as she had chakra left. The only way for her to die would be to lose all of her chakra. Chakra Beasts always reformed after being destroyed, they were a part of the natural chakra that existed in every living thing. Perhaps, the only way to truly eliminate chakra beasts was to make chakra itself disappear … but, honestly, that is pretty much impossible.

(A/N: So, this makes her pretty much immortal, but that's the nature of a chakra beast. Or at least, that's how I understood and thus set it to be in my story. I hope this is fine?)

As Naru and Naruto descended the roof, they talked about who they thought would be on their team.

"Nii-chan who would you like to have on your team?" Naru asked.

"Hmm, that's a good question. Logically we'd need to have people that are strong. People that we can rely on and people that can work as a team. People that can truly become our comrades and friends. Don't you agree?" Naruto said.

"Sure~, but I'll be fine as long as I'm with Nii-chan!" Naru giggled.

"Oh you~. Don't worry, your Nii-chan will always protect you!" Naruto said as he patted Naru's head, ruffling her hair.

Naru pouted before making her hair look orderly again. "Mou~ … Nii-chan, always messing up my hair."

"What? Don't want head pats anymore?" Naruto looked at her with a teasing smile.

"No! If you are only gonna mess up my hair!" Naru said while crossing her arms below her chest and looking away from him.

Her eyes held a smile, wondering what her Nii-chan was gonna do now. *snicker*

"Come one, Naru … don't be upset, okay? I promise not to ruffle your hair too much anymore, okay?" Naruto looked like a lost puppy. Extremely pitiful and extremely cute~.

After leaving him in this state for a while longer, Naru turned back around and gave him her brightest smile: "Hehe~, Nii … I'm just kidding, you know that I like it when you pat my head!"

She giggles while accelerating her pace and moving ahead of him.

Naruto stops in his tracks for a bit, only to smile at her moving back and the way that her head bobbed as she walked. "How can my sister be this cute? Sigh … when I think of all the men she'll attract once she grows up …"

"Nii-chan, hurry!" Naru giggles as she looks back at him.

Naru was the happiest she had ever been. Naruto had passed the test, they didn't need to repeat a year and they would finally get to learn more jutsu from their new jonin sensei! Maybe there'd even be some that'd interest her!

She also wondered just who would be on her team. Naruto didn't say it, but she knew that he'd like to be a on a team with Hinata. She had caught them secretly sneaking peeks at each other before and they were even blushing while doing that!

Honestly, they were both sooo cute! She vowed to try to help them get together if that was their intention~.

Soon Naruto caught up to her again and they held hands as they walked towards the classroom. Both of them liked holding each other's hand, it reminded them of the fact that they were never alone. They had somehow made that a habit throughout the years and they never really stopped, though over time they held hands less and less. Nowadays they just did that when they noticed that one of them, or in this case, both of them, were nervous or scared about something.

They soon stepped through the classroom's door and walked to their seats. Not many people had arrived till now … as they were much earlier than usual because they used short-range "teleportation" to get to the academy.

After sitting down, both of them laid down on their tables. At first, only Naru had done that, but at some point, Naruto joined her in lying on the table.

Both of them usually kept to themselves and only talked with each other. They did not really need anyone else, they were fine with just being with each other, this, however, caused them to be rather isolated from the rest of the class. Both of them had no real, true friends. Sure, there were some people they were quite close to, but they didn't really feel connected to anyone.

Naruto had sometimes talked with Choji and Shikamaru, or argued with Kiba, but that was all.

Naru had only really talked with Hinata. She ignored the rest of the girls as their only proper personality trait was to be fangirls of Sasuke. She truly was not interested in any of them. And the boys only ever managed to blush at her, but almost none even tried talking to her before. Shikamaru and Choji had sometimes wished her a good morning, but that was the full extent of their conversations.

After some time, Naru felt a familiar chakra signature enter the academy, she looked towards the door, still lying down on the table.

It took a few minutes for the person she was waiting for to slowly walk through the door. Instantly, some girls that had already arrived, started squealing and shouting his name: "Sasuke!"

Sasuke, however, only looked at them with indifferent eyes, clearly having gotten used to their antics, or just generally not caring about them.

Naru wondered whether he really did not care about them, or whether he liked the attention he was getting. He never really asked them to stop, so it must be one of the two.

Sasuke took the path towards his usual seat. Soon he would sit down, like always, or so Naru thought. But, instead, he walked past his usual seat and walked towards her with a small smile on his face.

"Hmm?" She mumbled when he reached her table.

"Can I sit?" He asked, a small blush visible on his ears, but his face otherwise emotionless.

"Sure … it's empty. It's always been empty … (you could have sat here years ago too, if you had wanted to ….)"

After that, he just sat down and looked towards the front of the class.

The fangirls were screaming, screeching that Naru should get away from their Sasuke, but none of them dared to approach them.

Naruto did not bother with what was happening next to him, he just closed his eyes and seemed to be sleeping, though there was a small smile on his lips. Apparently, he was dreaming about something good.

Naru just looked at Sasuke in bewilderment. After some time, however, she just smiled sweetly at him. Not caring for the actual reason that he had asked to sit next to her. Then she just closed her eyes and decided to rest before Iruka-sensei arrived.

[Sasuke POV (short)]

"I've done it! I've done it! I've done it! I've done it! I've really done it!" He screamed inside of his head, though not showing much of an reaction on his face.

That sweet smile she gave him just before closing her eyes just now … or the bewildered look she had when he asked her if he could sit next to her … how could she be this cute.

He had always hesitated to talk to her because he feared that he would stutter or mess up, his pride refused to let him make a fool of himself … but he had finally gathered enough resolve to do it today. Today might be the last day after all!

Since she wasn't all over him like the rest of the girls … he decided that he needed to gain her attention in some other way! He decided to sit next to her instead, she'd be happy … right?

In class, sometimes when he sensed her looking at him, he would turn around to see her smiling at him … that's gotta mean something at least, right? Right?!

It took him a lot of time to be able to suppress his blush when looking at her … his heart always beat so loudly in his chest, it was almost unbearable. Honestly, he was surprised that he even managed to speak just now. It was harder to do than any sparring match he had against her twin!

The twins were strong … he wished to become a team with them, that'd help him get stronger … and then he'd be able to avenge his family, his clan!

(A/N: Mhm!~ He still wants revenge!)

At the thought of his family, which his own brother had murdered, his face grew cold.

In fact, his whole aura changed. He wasn't flustered anymore, instead he was full of hatred.

The girl beside him obviously noticed that and opened her eyes … revealing her sparkling golden orbs.

He stiffened at the sight of her golden eyes. "Her … her eye lashes are so long …" She is beautiful … in fact she is the single most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

(A/N: Hehe~, the one you love is always the most beautiful!)

He quickly looked away, fearing to be rude and to hide from her sight.

He often caught himself staring at her. Her lips, her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her hair, her pearly white and soft skin … he loved all of her.

But even more than her body, he loved it when she was happy, when she smiled and giggled. He loved that. He loved her voice. Her soft voice … he always caught himself listening to her when she talked with her brother.

How could he not ignore the class, when she was so much more interesting?!

No matter … today he had finally taken the first step.

If after today, they were in the same team … then he'd try to get closer to her. He wanted to truly get to know her.

"Gosh, this is embarrassing … but … I really want to pat her head, like Naruto does all the time … I want to squeeze her cheeks, they look so damn soft … and I want to hold her hand too! Then if possible, I-I'd like to try k-kissing her too. I mean … the way that her soft lips move when she speaks, it's irresistible!"

At the thought of everything that he wanted to do with her, his face heated up and he blushed hard.

He quickly closed his eyes to calm himself. He also covered his mouth with his hand, in an attempt to hide his still growing smile.

[Meanwhile, Naru was staring at him and his constantly changing facial expressions]

I wonder … just what is he thinking about all day?

First, he is blushing … then he is suddenly all serious and emotionless, even filled with anger … and then he is suddenly blushing again and even so intensely too!

Sigh, I really don't get him. Though, he seems interested in me? Well, if we get into the same team … maybe we could try getting to know each other?

"I'm first!" A girly scream interrupted her thoughts.

"No, I was clearly first, forehead!" Another one screamed.

"Ah … those two are at it again?" Naru sighed to herself.

Naru looked out of the window. This wasn't without reason though. She had felt a few larger chakra presences in the building across the academy.

She had, more than once, felt several gazes on her coming from the outside. However, as they showed no ill will towards her or her brother, she just ignored them.

She knew that one of the people watching them was Hiruzen, the third Hokage. His signature was easily the biggest next to her's and her Nii-chan's in the whole village.

The rest were some unfamiliar people … no, one of them was actually familiar. But she couldn't figure out where she had sensed that exact chakra signature before.

"It was long ago, but I certainly sensed this one before …. Anbu? Probably. Though I'm not entirely sure." Naru thought.

Soon she felt two angry stares coming from two people inside of the classroom.

She slowly rose her head from the table to get a better look at who it actually was that dared to look at her in that way, while being so incredibly weak. She was surprised that someone this weak had dared to look at her with killing intent. Where had they even got that?

"Ah, should have thought about that. It's those two. They are probably jealous because Sasuke sits next to me?" She thought.

And she was exactly right with her deduction too!

Soon Sakura, the pink-haired girl, and Ino, the blonde-haired girl, stomped towards her while looking at her with furrowed brows and anger apparent in their gazes.

"Fox … stand up. This not your place to sit at." Ino said.

"Hmm? Why wouldn't it be … I've sat here for years and it never bothered anyone." Naru sighed, already getting slightly annoyed.

Naru's anxiety had been getting better and better across the years. And now, with her Nii-san right next to her, she did not really fear anyone anymore. Though she still heavily disliked having to talk in front of crowds and having too many eyes on her. She'd much rather stay in the background, like she had all these years. It was easier for her mind to bear.

"No, you don't understand. The seat next to Sasuke is mine … wherever that is. And it does not matter whether you sat here for years or not … just get the hell up!" Ino screamed, a little too loud for Naru's taste.

She hated it when people screamed at her. With some other people, she might be intimidated … but people her age … never.

She decided to let a bit of her inherent killing intent seep out. That would teach the small girl to shut up and never dare to talk to her again. This would be unnatural for a girl her age, but not impossible. Ino's puny killing intent could never measure up to the killing intent that had fused with Naru's chakra itself. If she would, however, reveal a bit of her chakra beast aura, then it would alert the people watching this class from outside. She did not want anyone to know about that yet. Someday, maybe, but not yet.

So, killing intent would have to do.

But, before she could start anything, she was interrupted by a voice coming from the dark-haired boy next to her.

"You leave her alone. I decided to sit here. Leave." Sasuke said, looking at them with furrowed brows and a tone of finality in his voice, making him seem intimidating.

They were surprised, this was the first time that he had actually directly told them to leave. What had they even done wrong?

"But …" Sakura stammered.

"LEAVE and don't you ever talk to her like that again. Just quiet down … your voices hurt my ears." He said, making a face that practically screamed that he was annoyed by their behavior, or maybe their entire existence.

Though, he actually still did not care much about them. He had, however, noticed that the girl beside him was bothered by their presence and their screams … so he had decided to speak up.

"She does not need to deal with these stubborn fangirls … it's my fault that they became like after all. I should deal with them, if that makes her happy." He thought smirking to himself.

The two loud girls stood there frozen for a few second, before quietly leaving.

Some boys winced at the sight and other girls were happy that they weren't the ones that their Sasuke was angry at.

Naru slowly moved her eyes towards Sasuke and tilted her head in wonder.

"So he spoke up? Why, to help me?" She wondered.

Sasuke also turned to her, slightly smiling and being proud of helping Naru. But, as soon as he saw her cutely tilt her head, he could instantly feel his ears heat up like crazy. They must be blood red by now!

Thankfully, his face spared him of that embarrassment right now … otherwise … what could he do but turn away again? His pride wouldn't allow him to let her see him like that(yet)!

He noticed that she still hadn't stopped looking at him … was she waiting for something?

"W-What is it?" He stuttered … he … Sasuke Uchiha … had actually stuttered?! He froze.

"Nothing … I just thought that you're really cute~. Thanks for telling them to leave, they were too loud for me~." Naru giggled while giving him a sweet smile. She watched in interest as his eyes widened and he, once again, covered his mouth with his hand.

"He really does this quite often, doesn't he? Hehe~ … no matter … it's cute, so it's fine!" She thought.

"No … you are the one that's cute … " He mumbled.

"Hmm?~ What did you say~?" Naru teased, clearly having heard him before already.

"You are cute!" He said, maybe a bit too loud this time.

He instantly stiffened and looked away, only to face several people looking at their interaction. The girls were shocked, while the boys were mostly smirking or looking at him in envy.

"Hmm~, so you think I'm cute, huh?" She teased.

"Thanks then~, you are definitely cute too Sasuke-kun!" She smiled at him before lying down on the table again and closing her eyes.

He just looked back at her and even when the classroom's door opened to reveal Iruka-sensei, he never averted his eyes from her face, or in reality, her lips that held a beautiful, mesmerizing, smile.

"Holy sh*t … she said my name! She said my name! And she said it with the cutest voice I've ever heard come out of her mouth!" He smiled and laughed quietly to himself.

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