356 wedding(5)

Wedding day

Amy' room 

"Your make up is done, we have to wait for a wedding dress." Nina sighed and said before applying matte lipstick to the bride Amy

"Aww, Mia is looking awesome," Lisa said before holding her in her hands 

Amy chuckled and said, "I never thought Andy has such a good taste in kids dresses." 

 Yeah, look how comforted peach colour dress it is." Jenni smiled and said 

"Ahhh, sister in law your wedding dress is here," Erica exclaimed 

"I am excited, I mean I never gave him my measurements, I wish it should be correctly fitted one," Amy muttered before opening the dress which packed in a silver coloured box 

Everyone gasped in surprise when they looked at the beautiful wedding dress in Amy's hand.

"This is so extravagant." Nina excitedly said 

"Oh my god, I wish I could marry Andy for this dress." Lisa sighed and said 

"I am sorry but Andy is mine, only mine." Amy chuckled and said


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