HxH: The Dark Continent (DROPPED) Book

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HxH: The Dark Continent (DROPPED)


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4-4-21 Currently dropped, I just made this when I was bored and had time before my classes. Enjoy the half assed chapters. Now that it’s spring break I’ll probably go back to Webnovel reading. Still won’t touch the abomination that is this though. While it’s not the actual dark continent ark, this is a fun spinoff I decided to make after rewatching the 2011 Hunter x Hunter series and just how little novels are made on such a brilliant manga and show! This follows the story of our protagonist and his adventures and his one goal, to conquer the Dark Continent. Watch as he grows stronger and meets foes and allies upon his journey. All rights reserved to Yoshihiro Togashi (maker of the manga) Note: Best to read on phone, not recommended on computer. UPDATES whenever I feel like lol


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