10 Aurelius Faustinus Dumbledore II

Dumbledore smiled after hearing Adrien's response. He was quite pleased with the direction his relationship with his godson was going at the moment.

He was also looking forward to raising him. For Dumbledore, raising Adrien would be like a breath of fresh air in his currently hectic and demanding life.

He also saw it as something of the utmost importance for himself personally…something that would help him remain more human, especially with the looming exigency concerning the future of magical Europe.

Dumbledore knew that he would most likely have to take up more positions of power in order to counter the numerous political undercurrents that would ensue as a result of the rise of the Lestranges and he absolutely dreaded it…it was one of his greatest fears.

In his eyes, Adrien was akin to a guiding light….light that would help him stay clear of the allusions of the seductive narcotic that nearly every authority figure before him had fallen prey to,


Yes, Dumbledore was afraid of Power…very much so. He was afraid of the depravity and grayed lines of morality that it caused as it artfully seduced its lovers. He feared what he would become if he ever fell victim to its charms, especially after his altercation with his younger brother – someone who he now had an estranged relationship with — as a result of their sister's death.

Dumbledore knew that he was no saint, he knew very well that he could easily fall prey to Power and abuse it for his selfish desires.

It was partially because of this that he wholeheartedly decided to raise Adrien with the utmost attention and care…especially since he was lucky enough to receive the opportunity.

After all, Nicolas and Perenelle had so many people they could have chosen to become Adrien's godparent yet they chose him and that spoke volumes of the trust they had in him.

Thinking about this, Dumbledore smiled and looked towards the young blue-eyed French wizard, "I'm delighted to hear that you are interested in my proposal. However, we will discuss it further at a later date. We should get going, my schedule is quite packed today…politicking mostly."

Adrien chuckled at the end of Dumbledore's statement. He was about to reply when he suddenly remembered something…something very important.

'Damn, how could I forget? Adrien slapped himself mentally for almost forgetting to say goodbye to Fleur. That would be very heartless of him…especially after the extra mile she had gone just for his sake.

"Actually, can we make a quick stop before we leave?"

Dumbledore raised his eyebrows, "Oh, and where might that be?"

Adrien also raised his eyebrows, though in amusement, "Why don't you take a guess. I'm sure you know it already…"

Dumbledore smiled, "Ah…let's see…well, It's certainly not the Delacour Manor…" he bantered sarcastically.

Adrien chuckled, " You know, you could have just said it straightforwardly"

Dumbledore continued to smile, "But where's the fun in that."

"Right…Fun…Shall we get going then?" Adrien replied, looking at the Flamel Manor one more time.

"Certainly." Dumbledore replied, stretching his arms out for Adrien to grab.

Adrien grabbed it and the two disappeared from the spot immediately after.


Fleur was feeling rather dejected as she gazed at the overcast bright blue skies that were characteristic of summer days at Montpellier.

She kept twirling her silky silvery blonde hair as the howling winds brushed through her bedroom window and past her hair, making them flutter in the process.

Frankly, she was very sad. She knew that her only friend would be leaving France today and that they would most likely not be able to go out on any more playdates or hang out together — something that she absolutely hated.

'It seems I'll be alone again…' She thought with a bitter smile as she watched the grass sway to the summer breeze.

Fleur hated the feeling of loneliness. She simply could not get used to the quietness and desolation it brought as it approached her.

Recently, she had been trying to make more friends by talking to the children of the guests her father had started to bring to the Manor after her 8th birthday but it simply didn't work.

The girls were too nervous to talk to her, and the boys just kept gaping and stammering at her like idiots. They were no fun and hanging out with them could simply not compare to the times she spent with Adrien.

Each encounter was even starting to make Fleur ask herself why she was even bothering to be friendly to begin with. Especially when she could always predict how they would react upon seeing her. In her eyes, It was simply pointless and maybe she was just too beautiful for them.

Thus, unbeknownst to her, she slowly started to become more arrogant and conceited. She was starting to feel that maybe she was just a cut above the rest.

Fleur sighed as she rested her chin on her arms on the windowsill. She was about to go fetch a book from her father's study when two figures suddenly appeared in front of the doors of the Manor.

Once she curiously glanced at the two new 'guests', her eyes widened and lit up with excitement upon seeing that it was none other than her best friend.

'He came to say goodbye again!' She thought excitedly as she immediately left the window sill and elegantly bolted towards the foyer of the Manor.

As she ran, she heard knocking sounds on the front door and when she finally got to the foyer, she saw her father approaching the front door, intending to see the uninvited guests.

"Papa! Wait for me!" Fleur exclaimed enthusiastically as she darted down the spiral staircase that led to the ground floor.

Stéphane Delacour was not expecting his daughter to be so boisterous. It was very uncharacteristic of her, even more so when welcoming guests so he was completely shocked seeing his precious angel running towards him. Just what was going on?

"Of course mon ange, is everything alright? You seem unusually excited today." Stéphane smiled and said.

(A/N: Mon ange~ my angel)

"Oui Papa, everything is fine…. Adrien is ze one visiting!" Fleur replied, short-winded, as she ran up to her father and stood in front of him.

Stéphane raised his eyebrows upon hearing his daughter's response.

'That's certainly unexpected.' he thought with his eyebrows raised.

"Alright" he smiled at his cute daughter, "Let's go greet them shall we?"

"Oui!" Fleur nodded her head vigorously.

Stéphane just chuckled at that and led his daughter to the door of the Manor. Once he opened it, his thoughts were confirmed –both Dumbledore and Adrien were right there.

"Bonsoir Monsieur Delacour." Adrien smiled, bowed slightly and greeted first.

"Bonsoir Adrien, How are you?" Stéphane smiled and returned the greeting warmly.

"I'm alright, and you?"

"Likewise Adrien." Stéphane responded amiably, he then looked at both him and Dumbledore, "So, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

Adrien spoke first, "Ah, I just came to say goodbye to Fleur over here." He said smiling and looking at Fleur who was standing behind Stéphane.

"I see." Stéphane smiled, he then eyed Dumbledore for a moment and continued "I'll leave you to it then."

Adrien just nodded and gestured for Fleur to come outside and follow him. Fleur immediately left her father's side and ran up to Adrien.

-You didn't think I'd leave without saying goodbye did you?- Adrien chuckled seeing her cheerful and radiant expression.

Fleur's expression immediately changed. She stopped smiling and scoffed, -Yes I did. Knowing you, you probably remembered to come say goodbye at the last minute.-

Adrien had a habit of not paying attention to little things like farewells. He usually just left every playdate without properly saying goodbye and she absolutely abhorred it.

Adrien coughed lightly, -Maybe…-

Fleur just rolled her eyes, -As expected…-

-Hey It's not that I don't care about our friendship. I just forget sometimes…I'm like that.- Adrien tried to defend himself and dispel Fleurs doubts.

-Hmph.- Fleur just humphed at him.

Adrien sighed inwardly seeing that, 'Seems I have to make it up to her, again.'

He thought for a moment, before suddenly getting an idea, -Hey Fleur, why don't we go to our favorite meadow?-

Fleur's expression immediately brightened. She smiled and raised her eyebrows, -You certainly know how to improve my mood.-

Adrien chuckled, -Perks of knowing you for three years.-

-Shall we?- He then added, gesturing his head in the direction of the meadow.

-We shall- Fleur flashed a dazzling smile and replied.

Hearing that, Adrien briefly glanced at Dumbledore and Stéphane who were in a conversation before leading the way towards the meadow –It was located not far off from the Delacour Manor and was situated under a hill.

As they walked, Fleur asked curiously, -By the way, where's Aella? I haven't seen her since the start of the week.-

-Oh, she's in the briefcase- Adrien raised his black briefcase slightly, -I can bring her out once we get there. I'm sure she would like to say goodbye as well.-

Fleur just smiled brightly hearing that.

Soon, the duo reached the familiar meadow and Adrien smiled nostalgically upon seeing it. It was honestly one of his favorite locations so far and it made him feel serene and calm every time he went here.

The meadow had this casual grace to it…almost as if it possessed a peripheral awareness of its own beauty yet ignored it, opting to just sway about peacefully under the warm summer breeze of Montpellier.

Like most meadows, it was filled with lush green grass that seemed to be full of life. It stretched as far as the eye could see and was packed with all sorts of ornamental flowers, the most prominent of which were sunflowers and white roses.

Sunlight gently bathed the entire region with its warmth, like a mother would her child.

Bees, dragonflies and insects buzzed around as if dancing in sync with the blissful, and graceful symphony orchestrated by the scintillating and everlasting cycle of life.

All in all, the meadow was simply heavenly.

As soon as it came within view, Fleur immediately grabbed Adrien's hand and ran towards the tall green grass surrounded by flowers.

Adrien was not expecting this and thus, he was startled by the sudden movement. Though, he didn't resist. He hadn't the slightest thought of doing so…especially after seeing the magnificent smile etched across Fleur's face as she dragged him.

Upon reaching the center of the meadow, Fleur started spinning while continuing to hold Adrien's hand, causing him to drop his briefcase and spin alongside her.

Fleur then grabbed his now free hand and continued to spin while smiling at him. Her hair fluttered graciously as the winds continued to blow past them.

'Hah…I can't believe I'm doing this…' Adrien thought as soon as Fleur grabbed his hand. Right now, he felt like a kid, and it felt rather…amazing. Amazing enough for him to discard his maturity as well as any additional thoughts about what was currently transpiring.

Adrien smiled back at her and the two continued to spin in silence, reveling in the bliss and simplicity of nature. Soon, they became dizzy and fell to the ground on their backs.

-Haah- Fleur exhaled breathlessly. She then tilted her head to look at Adrien, -You'll visit regularly right?-

Adrien flashed a bitter smile. He knew that it was unlikely for him to continue to visit her like they usually did. Hell, he wasn't even sure he'd be able to visit her during the holidays.

After all, how would he get there? He couldn't apparate and Filley had to remain in the Flamel Manor.

Sure, he could tell Dumbledore that he wanted to go to France but Dumbledore would undoubtedly deny his requests under the reasoning that France was not safe and he could not be beside him to ensure his safety at all times.

Thus, Adrien turned to face her and mumbled, -Probably not.-

Fleur immediately became disheartened upon hearing that. She flashed a hard smile and questioned further in a hopeful voice, -You'll at least be coming to Beauxbatons right? Surely you won't be going to Hogwarts?.-

Adrien sighed, -Actually, It's likely i'll be going to both Hogwarts and Beauxbatons…Dumbledore's arrangement. Honestly, I prefer it…You know it's not safe for me here right?-

-Mmm- Fleur hummed bitterly. With her intelligent mind and the teachings of her parents, Fleur was smart enough to realize that Adrien would not be safe if he stayed in France by himself. She knew that since he was famous he would be an easy target for wizards with ill intent.

'Well, at least he's coming to Beauxbatons. I'll be able to spend more time with him then.' She thought, imagining the two of them going to school together. The thought made her giddy and she couldn't help but cheer up.

-Will you come during the first year?- she asked, smiling.

-Probably not…I assume it would take Dumbledore a while to instate the exchange program…you know, bureaucratic stuff.- Adrien chuckled.

Fleur chuckled as well, -Alright, I see. I will be looking forward to that.-

She then remembered something, -Oh, I have a gift for you. I forgot to give it to you yesterday. It's one of the reasons I hoped you would come today. I asked Papa to buy it for me a week ago.- she said as she reached for the pockets of her light blue dress.

Adrien's interest was piqued, -Oh, what is it?-

Fleur just smiled and sat up on the ground, causing Adrien to do the same. She then brought out what looked like an embroidered pouch and Adrien raised his eyebrows seeing that.

-I got us matching bracelets. I saw some kids wearing them back at that muggle park and wanted to get one for the two of us. Sort of like a symbol of our friendship.- Fleur said excitedly as she opened the pouch and brought out two bracelets – One pink and the other blue.

Adrien smiled hearing that. -Cute.- he mumbled, causing Fleur to frown and pout.

He chuckled seeing that, -Right, so which one is mine?-

-This one- Fleur replied, handing the blue one over to him. It had his name on it and what looked like half of a heart on it. Adrien immediately realized that it was a magnetic bracelet.

Thus, he wore it and put it closer to Fleur's. The broken hearts on the two of them joined together and the text inscribed on it was now readable.

-Best Friends.- Fleur beamed brightly as she read.

Adrien smiled, -Best Friends indeed.-

Then, he wandlessly casted accio on his briefcase and caused it to fly towards him. Once in his hands, he opened it, put his hands inside and brought out a bird cage and a brown diary.

Adrien opened the cage, which housed his Thunderbird, and Aella immediately flew out towards Fleur who smiled upon seeing the bird. She caught Aella in her hands and stroked her lustrous white and golden feathers while looking at the diary in Adrien's hands.

-What's that?- she questioned,

-This- Adrien started, raising the diary for Fleur to see more clearly, -is a list of spells, magic, and knowledge I want you to learn before and during your time at Beauxbatons. It's important…- he said, his tone sounding slightly more serious.

Fleur raised her eyebrows, -I see. Is there any specific reason you're giving me this now?-

Adrien looked at her intently before replying, -France will not be safe Fleur…You should expect a lot of fighting between the students at school. Everything here is stuff that would enable you to protect yourself. I don't want anything bad happening to you…-

Fleur nodded and hummed in agreement. She smiled inwardly seeing that Adrien was concerned for her safety.

She then raised her hand and let Aella fly off towards the clear skies. Afterwards, she scooted over beside Adrien and laid her back on the ground again, gesturing for Adrien to do the same.

Adrien heeded her gesture and laid down beside her, with a faint smile.

The two started chatting and laughing shortly after, gazing at the sky as well as Aella flying about and enjoying the peace of the meadow on this fine summer day in Montpellier.


Soon, evening came and the sun was already setting. Adrien saw that and decided it was about time to go. Thus, he nudged Fleur, who had already fallen asleep beside him so they could return back to the Manor.

Fleur groggily opened her eyes and met Adrien's iridescent blue eyes. She sighed as soon as she realized it was now getting dark. The time she dreaded had finally come…

-It's time for you to leave isn't it?- She mumbled as she stood up and straightened her dress.

Adrien smiled, -Technically there's not a set time, but it's getting dark and we've been here for quite some time so yes I think it's about tim— -

He didn't get the chance to finish his statement because Fleur immediately ran up to him and hugged him tightly.

"Adrien, tu vas me manquer." Fleur said, barely audible, as she buried her head in his chest. Adrien was taller than her by quite a bit.

(A/N: tu vas me manquer ~ I will miss you.)

Adrien smiled hearing her. He put his hands on her soft, silky silvery blonde hair and replied, "Fleur, I will miss you too…Don't worry, I'll write to you often."

"Every day." Fleur raised her head, pouted and demanded.

Adrien chuckled, "Well, we'll see about that…"

"Non. Every day." Fleur persisted adamantly.

Adrien smiled and sighed, "Fine Fine…Everyday."

Fleur smiled brightly and smirked upon seeing her victory. Adrien laughed seeing that,

"You wish you could smirk like that after playing a game of wizard chess with me."

Fleur's expression immediately changed. She stopped hugging Adrien and scoffed, "let's see if you can remain zis smug by the next time we meet."

Adrien raised his eyebrows in amusement, "Is that a challenge?"

"Oui." Fleur responded with a smirk.

"Challenge accepted." Adrien chuckled and then whistled for Aella to come back so they could leave.

Once he stored Aella back inside his briefacse, the two returned back to Manor, where Dumbledore and Stéphane were waiting for them outside.

Adrien nodded at Stéphane, "Au revoir sir." he smiled and said.

Stéphane smiled back and replied, "Au revoir Adrien. We will certainly see each other in the near future."

Adrien just nodded at that, flashed a smile at Fleur, who was now beside her father and went to stand beside Dumbledore.

"Ready?" he asked, extending his arm for Adrien to grab.

Adrien looked at Fleur one more time, waved goodbye, and then grabbed Dumbledore's arm before replying, "Yes."

Dumbledore nodded and the two vanished from the spot the next moment.


~ Dumbledore Family Home, Godric's Hollow, West Country, England, Great Britain.~


Was the only word to describe the ambience of the historic countryside village that was Godric's Hollow.

As it was still summer, the sun was shining brightly in the slightly overcast sky. The winds were slow and relatively dead, a stark difference from the howling winds characteristic of the Pyrénées of France.

The Dumbledore Home was relatively simple looking. Like most of the houses at Godric's Hollow, it was an archaic looking cottage. Though, it was considerably larger than the rest of the other cottages – a subtle proof of the Dumbledore family's wealth and prestige.

Adrien took in everything around him as he appeared in front of the Dumbledore Home. He could not believe he was actually at the place he had only seen in movies up till now. The historic village that housed many famous wizarding families.

Initially, when Dumbledore had informed him that it was where he was going to be living he was confused and rightfully so. He had assumed that he would be living in Hogwarts and under the direct eyes of Dumbledore.

He had expected to live in the castle because it was probably the most protected place in Great Britain and he assumed he would be staying in the most secure place.

However, that was not the case and Dumbledore specifically said that he would be living in his old home.

This caused Adrien to wonder the reason. What was so special about the village that Dumbledore wanted him to stay in it? A village where Lord Voldermort himself had attacked...attacked way too easily.

Unsurprisingly, Dumbledore was cryptic when he had asked him and merely told him "Perhaps you should discover that for yourself."

Honestly, Adrien felt like punching the man when he said that. I mean, what was so hard about giving reasons for your actions. It was seriously annoying to be kept in the dark.

Of course, Adrien didn't punch him…he couldn't even if he tried. He merely kept quiet and waited to see just what Dumbledore was hiding.

Now, it was time for that.

"You can go in, I'll join you in a moment. I'm waiting for someone." Dumbledore said, looking nostalgically at his childhood home.

"Someone?" Adrien raised his eyebrows.

"My brother, he'll be living here alongside you. I wanted to have a word with him."

'Aberforth? But why? Isn't he supposed to be in Hogsmeade?' Adrien thought inwardly, surprised.

"Right…I'll see you inside then." He said as he opened the door of the cottage and stepped in.

Since Dumbledore didn't specify what room he'll be staying in, he decided to wait in the living room. So, he immediately began looking for it and soon enough he found it. It was at the very end of the narrow corridor.

'The house seems quite homey to be honest.' Adrien mulled as he entered the living room. He was staring around the room blankly so he didn't notice the blonde haired boy staring at him fixedly from the corner of the room.

After taking in the beauty of the living room, his eyes finally drifted to the corner of the room and once his gaze landed on the blonde haired boy, he nearly jumped up in fright. He seriously wasn't expecting another soul to be inside the house, especially not one who looked to be around his age.

The boy had honey blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and freckles across his chubby cheeks. He was sitting down on a chair and was staring at Adrien as if he had seen a ghost.

Adrien was weirded out seeing this. He was about to break the silence but the blonde haired boy did it first,

"Are you real?" he asked, his expression seeming bewildered.

"What?" Adrien was taken aback.

The blonde boy rubbed his eyes and asked again, "Are you real?"

Adrien frowned. Who the hell was this guy?

'What an odd boy.'

"Yes I am real…very much so…"

The blonde boy hummed and blinked his blue eyes as if understanding. He then coughed lightly,

"Sorry about that. I've only ever spoken to goats all my life so I just couldn't believe that there was someone my age in front of me all of a sudden…You probably think I'm weird."

Adrien raised his eyebrows, "Goats?"

The blonde boy chuckled, "Yes, my father's goat best friends….he's quite the poetic soul you see…"

'Goats…Dumbledore…Father…Is this guy Aberforth's son?... How is that even possible?' Adrien speculated inwardly.

"Right…Well, I'm Adrien Flamel and it's a pleasure to meet you. You are?"

"Ah, right where are my manners?" The blonde boy chuckled, stood up and straightened his tee shirt.

He then walked over to Adrien. The two of them were roughly the same height. The boy smiled and stretched out his hands for a handshake.

"Aurelius….Aurelius Faustinus Dumbledore II at your service…"

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