273 How To Threaten A Dragon

This demon lord was different from the one that killed all of their people! And Givalich had no right to judge either of the demon lords! Givalich had no idea what the dragons were planning to do! Does she think the demon lords would just go ahead and kill the dragons for no reason!?

Givalich shook her head to get her bearings back before she and Dragonnel began to stalk around each other! Dragonnel watched for any movement at al from Givalich and he was ready to attack with a massive spell if she activated a spell! The next thing she said showed Dragonnel that there was no chance of her joining them.

"Have you already forgotten the way of this world, brother? The son is guilty of the sins of his father. It doesn't matter that this is not the same demon lord! He is still a demon lord so he is responsible for what the former one did!"


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