42 Athena's true powers

As far as the eyes could see, they were now entirely surrounded by the ocean.

Athena masterfully took control of the ship's speed and direction, and the ride was a smooth one.

Alex felt the need to comment on this, as he said, "You're great at navigation."

"Well, it's part of my specialties as a war goddess. Don't mention it." For the entire duration of the trip, Athena only held her eyes on one spot in the distance and didn't move her sight from there.

He's never seen her so focused on something, but this side of Athena wasn't an unpleasant one.

Alex sat by a bench on the sides of the ship and observed the rolling waves as they parted to make passage for the ship.

The smell of salt was omnipresent in the air, and fleets of birds occasionally passed by, casting shadows upon the waters.

Strangely, however, the weather took a turn for the worse, and the waves crashing on their ship got stronger and taller.

Soon enough, water actually started splashing on the deck, but Athena remained calm and collected as she rotated the helm at greater intensity and strength.

To help, Alex was moving the sails around to adjust for the unpredictable winds and heard the voice of Athena informing him, "We're soon reaching our destination."

They seemed to be getting to the source of a storm, as the winds were now completely unreliable and a tornado was sharply spinning a distance away from them.

Suddenly, the tornado cleared up but an event even more puzzling took place.

Instead of the tornado, the waters of the sea molded around and shaped into the form of a man.

The man's features were uniform from the seawater, but this water statue was gigantic and reached up to the clouds above.

The man was holding an equally big trident in his hand, and his eyebrows formed a deep frown.

A strong voice, amplified by the waters, exclaimed, "Is that you, Niece Athena? What brings you here, after your victory in Athens a few hundred years ago? Are you here to shame your poor uncle?!"

The man's voice turned sour as he said the last comments.

"Uncle, I'm here to discuss your recent behavior." Athena confidently spoke up against the fearsome figure.

"Discuss? HAHAHAHAHAHA, is that why you have a spear and your shield with you?" As Poseidon said that to Athena, the heavy-looking trident came crashing down and the ship was thrown a distance away.

Alex barely kept his footing and exclaimed, "Athena, how are you going to fight...that?"

"Alex, don't underestimate me. Before I was born, the Three Fates predicted I would be able to vanquish Father Zeus."

"I don't currently have such plans, but I'm confident in my strength."

As she said that, Athena suddenly jumped out of the ship into the waters, and using her shield, she surfed alongside the strong waves until she reached the base of the Poseidon 'mountain'.

As if she could predict his every movement, she maneuvered around the gargantuan waves and entered into the water statue.

Meanwhile, Alex was just looking on with his jaw open.

The forces of nature were rendered useless at her every skillful movement.

Alex got worried when he could no longer see her, but then, was taken aback as the entire water statue came crashing down and waves the size of mountains seized the ship as he found himself underwater.

Stuck in between the turbulent currents, he felt a slight tug and was brought up to the surface by Athena, who then went back to fighting before he could even thank her.

As it turned out, the real body of Poseidon was hidden inside and he could see the god, in all of his glory, standing atop a wave of water.

Poseidon had tan skin and only wore undergarments made of algae that concealed his private parts.

His body was bronze and sculpted to athletic perfection.

He had long black and wet hair that reached to his knees and a handsome face. Under his eyes, one scar was visible.

Athena was standing atop her shield a distance away from him. As the water dripped down her armor and spear, she only looked more glorious.

"Uncle, it's useless, I can predict all of your moves before you even think of them." Athena taunted him.

Poseidon, who was on the other side, suddenly moved his hands and water spiraled all around him, forming a titanic water dragon.

The dragon charged at Athena, but with strength that could slice even water, the water dragon collapsed back into the sea, dissipating.

Athena, using the momentum from her jump, sprinted at Poseidon and took him by the neck.

He didn't seem to have readied himself, as she kicked him towards the sky.

She jumped a great distance up using the point at which the waves conjoined to gather inertia, and


She kicked him back down.

The force from the kick made repercussions upon the surface of the waters as Poseidon's body entered into the deep end.

Alex, who was only barely able to float, looked on as these two powerhouses fought.

Poseidon showed prowess through his mastery of nature, and the force of his waves was unrivaled.

But, Athena, through her movement techniques and martial arts, easily avoided every one of his attacks.

The waters then calmed down and parted, forming a hole in the sea, at the bottom of which, was a large temple.

Athena came to his side and the two surfed to the whirlpool.

Their descent down the maelstrom was mellowed out by the waters as they reached the depths and entered the temple in question.

Alex was still taken aback by literally everything and could not process any information anymore.

The temple was composed of a single large hall and a throne in its center. Upon the throne sat Poseidon, who seemed fatigued.

"Heh, you won again. Bravo to you for beating poor old me again." Poseidon said self-depreciatingly.

"I spent every ounce of Faith Energy I had, otherwise I would have not won." Athena truthfully stated.

"Well, look at MY state...That aside, why are you here?" Poseidon asked.

"I've heard you have been taking away the powers of your helpers and we're here to ask you to stop."


Alex frowned.

This Poseidon sounded a bit...insecure.

"Uncle, we have gone over this many times. There are reasons why Father became the one to rule us all." Athena calmly spoke.

"Come again?" Poseidon seemed to take it the wrong way, and water started gathering around the temple.

"Uncle, I won in Athens and I beat you today. I can do it once again." Athena didn't back down.

The waters then receded and Poseidon calmly lamented, "This scar under my eye, it has been a shameful testament to my loss in Athens. If younger brother didn't stop us, I don't know how I would be able to stand straight today."

"Uncle, you underestimate yourself. In terms of raw strength, you are far superior to me, and Father Zeus, but you don't know how to exploit it. If you worked in conjunction with the minor sea gods today, I would never have been able to win."

She continued, "Therefore, work in co-operation with your helpers, and one day, with your strengths combined, you can rival Father Zeus and if you win, take the throne."

Poseidon had a faint smile on his face, "Niece, you always spoke the wisest words in all of Olympus. Alright, I will do as you please."

Poseidon then gave him a strange look and asked Athena, "Who is this?"

"My son, Alex." She replied calmly.

Poseidon then laughed and said, "Athena, THE Athena, with a son. How times change..."

"Nice to meet you, Alex."

"Likewise, grand-uncle."

After that, their conversation was peaceful and Athena and Poseidon discussed the resolution to the current problem.


"Uncle, our ship was wrecked by a wave. Could you send us off?" Athena requested.

Water then started filling the temple and they were back at the still surface of the water like the temple was never there.

Two waves then formed and Poseidon told them, "Surf along these waves and you'll find yourself back at the mainland."

"Thank you. Farewell, Uncle."


Alex also said goodbye and him and Athena each took one wave and were directed in the distance of the coast.

"You were really cool today." Alex suddenly praised her.

"You taught me not to be indifferent, Alex, it's thanks to you."

"I didn't do anything." Alex shrugged.

Athena chuckled and didn't add anything as they calmly surfed into the horizon.


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