Honkai: Kiana happiness, Become the stigma of the Kaslana family

A time traveler who lost her name wakes up from her long sleep, and she has somehow become the will of the stigmata of the Kaslana family attached to Kiana's back! Remembering the honkai stories full of tragedy and smiles, she decides to turn things everything! Time can't be turned back, but I can! Kiana: Papa! Mama! Big sister started acting weird again! She will sacrifice to the sky for me, please help!" Cecilia: "My daughter, listen to mommy! Your last name is Schariac not Kaslana! Please don't pick up your sword again! Siegfried please help!!!" Siegfried: “I-I can't! She's stronger than me! I can't beat her!” Kevin: "Kid, stop messing around. When are you going to resurrect Mei?" Otto: "Move aside! I ordered it a long time ago! She has to revive my kallen first!" Meanwhile, while the two great powers were arguing with each other, a little girl was shivering in the corner, very miserably. "Please, I don't want to join the stigma project! Let me go! Mama, papa, help me!!!"

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Chapter 195: "Otto make trouble again"

Let's recap what we got during the third great Honkai Impact.

First, the loss of life in Nagazora City has exceeded the number of lives lost in the second Great Honkai Impact.

Of the existing population of 30 million, Schicksal has currently managed to gather more than 21,160 residents who are still surviving after the Honkai Impact is over. 90% percent of them are people who have an artificial stigma resulting from the previous Stigma project.

Thea needs cooperation from the nearest mayor to handle this. From city reconstruction, food aid, temporary medical needs, clean water, and even information channels.

After all, the victims who died in Nagazora City were already too many. If this news is allowed to spread and spread, then the government structure will fall into chaos.

Even though Schicksal would have no effect, Thea preferred to minimize her losses as much as possible.

In addition, when she went to Nagazora City to carry out mass healing with the Herrscher of Death's vitality power, Thea took Mei home to Schicksal to carry out further examinations.

Mei has indeed turned into the Herrscher of Thunder. But during the process, she is helped by Will of Honkai's minions.

After getting to know Vill-V more deeply from Granpa Kevin, Thea knew that this genius magician really liked creating back paths for each of her masterpieces.

So to prevent hidden dangers. Thea performed a resonance with Mei's natural stigmata, and she found that there was no damage there at all.

"Ah, it seems like my silly junior hasn't been born yet... This is such a pity..." Thea sighed in disappointment.

Everyone who plays Honkai Impact definitely knows about Raiden Mei's Herrscher of Thunder personality.

According to Thea, the Herrscher of thunder's personality and herself have something in common.

That is they are both confused about their own identity.

At the beginning of its appearance, this stigmata personality thought that it was the Herrscher personality attached to the gem of conquest.

Everyone says that she is the Herrscher of thunder personality. As a newborn baby, she just nodded her head without feeling anything wrong, and she took on the role.

However, in the final chapter when Mei wants to meet her hidden lover with pink hair. Both Mei and her stigmata personality realized that the two of them had misunderstood all this time.

From the start she wasn't the Herrscher of Thunder personality.

She is a stigmata personality born from Mei's mental stress when the entire class and school were hostile towards her.

When she was down, it was only this stigmata personality that helped her to deal with things she didn't want to do.

Such as releasing her hatred and slaughtering the entire Chiba school, or also giving the authority of the Herrscher of Thunder to her for free.

It must be said that the saying 'that the only person who can help you is yourself' is true.

Mei and this lightning queen are really cunning.

They must have conspired to deceive the entire world from the start.

It's just very unfortunate. Since Mei in this timeline didn't have any bullying at school, and her father didn't go to prison for corruption, her little baby is in no rush to grow up quickly as an adult.

Mei is still reliable.

This really made Thea feel sad that she couldn't get any new juniors.

"Maria, can you collect all the herrscher cores we have? Please send them all to laboratory 46 and make sure they are handed over to Nagamitsu. If there is an urgent situation later, please report it to me immediately."

"Okay, Saintess Thea. By the way, why does Saintess Thea suddenly want herrscher cores? Is there a new project?"

"Are you curious?"

"Hm!" Maria nodded her head.

Thea smiled slightly: "It's actually nothing special. I just want to set a trap again. I want to test whether this newly emerged Herrscher is arrogant or not."

After getting the important information that Will of Honkai plays according to the rules, Thea also began to think about how to cheat according to these rules.

The essence of the Honkai Impact game is still the same today, namely survival.

Will of Honkai has 13 Herrscher cards that can wipe out humanity, and It has already used half of them.

Herrscher of Reason, Herrscher of Void, Herrscher of thunder, Herrscher of wind, Herrscher of death, Herrscher of Flamescion....

Apart from that there is Evil Vill-V, Herrscher of Domination.

If you count carefully, Will of Honkai has already used up It's 7 Herrscher cards, and now he only has 6 more Herrscher cards.

As long as all the cards are used and converted into her power, defeating Will of Honkai will be easy.

The main focus now is how to defeat the Herrscher of Domination.

These Herrschers have their own private room that can accommodate thousands of them. If used as the main camp base, Thea really couldn't look for this Herrscher at all in the real world.

They can also dominate other people, and make them all their puppets.

As long as there is one living doll in this world, this Herrscher of Domination will never die.

What a troublesome Herrscher.

The worst thing, the Herrscher of Domination in this era is Vill-V itself, the genius of the previous era of civilization.

She probably would have thought about the advantages of this power. As long as she left one puppet in the theater of Domination, she could be considered an immortal.

Vill-V is also not like the two idiots from the previous era, and Herrscher in the main plot line whose brain has been nerfed by the author. This magic genius will not fall easily!

"As long as the bait is tempting enough, then she will definitely come. She will not refuse to revive the Herrscher that we already have. As long as she dares to appear, then I will be her opponent and defeat her soundly."

Feel confident because she feel can win. When Thea arrived at Laboratory 46, where the Cosmic Juggernaut was being researched, Thea heard a deafening alarm sound.

Going inside, Thea found that all the researchers were currently in a daze, and Maria, who was carrying out Thea's duties, was sitting on the ground with a blank look.

"What is it?"

Thea had a bad feeling.

"Saintess Thea... I'm sorry..." Maria tried to hold back her tears, as if she were a doctor who was afraid to tell the truth to the patient's family.

Thea: "...."


Somewhere peaceful...

When Kevin accidentally meets Hua, his old friend, and intends to greet her. His communicator bracelet rang, and he glanced at the message.

"[Grandpa, your carriage has been stolen!]"

Kevin: "?"

Gets confused, and tries to open the lengthy description attached below the text message. When he had finished reading, the anger he had long thought he had not felt in thousands of years, finally came back.

Kevin: "OTTO!!!!!"

Fu Hua: ".....?"