506 Revived City

"You are cleared to land. Please follow the lights…" One of the Amara clan members told them from the watch tower.

"Copy." Ailwin hung up the comm as Braeden guided the shuttle over to where they wanted them to land.

As they flew over what is known to be Ash City, Ailwin could help but notice the differences from the last time he and his men were here. Especially towards the inner parts where the old Pharsas palace is located. 

Reconstructed and sparkling against the harshness of it surroundings. The palace, the surrounding houses and land all had a revive feeling to it, after being brought back to life. Mika and the Amara clan have been working hard.

Bring his mind back to from the scenery outside the window, Ailwin thought of Mikaela.

"Did she sound mad to you?" Ailwin asked Braeden.




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