483 Meeting of the Lords

Celaena landed the shuttle where they told her to and ran out, doing the pee-pee dance, "Where is it!?"

"That way." Ailwin pointed towards the inner yard where the soldiers on guard can relieve themselves.

"Then move out of the way! Move, move, move it!" Celaena ran like her life depend on it, pushing her way to the bathroom.

An hour later, she stepped out with a smile on her face and a pep in her step; to a group of soldiers that were thoroughly stunned by the sounds and smell that came out of the bathroom because of this young female.

"I would wait a couple of minutes before anyone goes in there." Celaena cautioned.

A couple of minutes? Try a couple of hours, Braeden wanted to say as he turn away from the bathroom door. He will never be able to use that bathroom again.

"Can you tell me Mikaela's message now?" Ailwin didn't care about how long he needed to wait to use the bathroom, he wanted to know if Mika is all right.


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