476 Leaving (3)

Lady Lyra had swiftly ordered the clan members to tossed out all the dead bodies amongst the rubble in the estate. She then had everyone working towards cleaning the ship of any bodily fluids and trash before assigning rooms and jobs to every member onboard.

Assuring that each person had a room and that there is food and water onboard for however long this trip might take them was priority. 

Clearing out every last bit of food and water in the estate was no easy feat, but seeing how everyone knew this is key to their survival. They got the work done with no complaints nor trouble.

The group who left with her daughter and husband, soon came back with dozens of trees loaded in smaller air crafts. Lyra sighed in relief, At least, we will have a way to start over...

"My lady, I cleaned our residence and Lord Mano's. Everything is onboard and in your rooms." Pia reported.

"Good, get inside and make sure people stay clam until I or Mano arrive."


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