508 Down the Minx' Hole (2)

"Mikaela, I did not attack you."

"You were about to."

"...but I didn't."

"My foot didn't know that." Looking down at the foot that kicked him, Mika shook her finger at it. "Bad foot...bad foot…"

Then she moved the said foot behind the other one. Looking back at Ailwin, she said, "It knows it was wrong. Be the bigger person and forgive it."

Ailwin watched Mika's one-female play and wanted to laugh. It been a long time without her antics tickling him.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Why did you follow me?" Mika asked back.

"I though you were a suspicious person, walking around the city's streets in your hood in the middle of the night."

Mika glance down at her outwear which she only wore because her usual attire got damage during her last experiment.

"...So, you mind telling why you jump down into a dry well?" Ailwin looked at the rock walls surrounding them.


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