Chapter 94, Divine Assist

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"The enemy has five divisions," Marshal Bardoglio's first reaction was that the enemy's reinforcements had arrived, but he quickly dismissed this judgment.

The main force of the Austrian Army was in Hungary, and the transportation in the Hungarian region at that time was not very good; it was not so simple to send five divisions from Hungary to Trento.

By train? The railroads from Hungary weren't even connected yet, were they?

Or maybe it was cavalry? In terms of time, it was indeed possible for the cavalry to arrive within a week.

But militarily, this didn't make sense, unless the Vienna Government had gone mad and decided to send five divisions of cavalry to Trento!

Marshal Bardoglio did not rule out the possibility that frontline officers were falsely reporting military intelligence; this was an enemy that could defeat three Sardinian divisions overnight. No matter how you looked at it, the enemy's strength could not possibly be small!