Chapter 90, Turning Point

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After the new rifle from Horsda Factory passed its real combat test, it entered the list of optional armaments for the Austrian army, and was named the Styer M1852 rifle.

This seems to be a European custom, with designers always fond of naming the weapons they create after themselves.

These are minor issues, Franz had no interest in delving into the rationale, as being on the list of optional military equipment didn't mean it would be equipped on a large scale.

Breech-loading rifles had been around for more than thirty years, starting with the American Hall M1819. Unfortunately, this rifle's bullets tended to veer left after 45.7 meters.

Then came the Prussian Dreyse M1841, which the Prussian Army had begun to equip. However, many generals opposed it, as clearly its performance had not yet won over the masses.