Chapter 72: Do Not Dig Your Own Grave

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Belvedere Palace

Prince Windischgrätz marked the retreat route of the Ottoman Army on the map, and then a whole group of people from the Austrian Government just stared at the map, dumbfounded.

Yes, they were dumbfounded, and shocked at that. Anyone who understood the details would be surprised by the current actions of the Ottoman Empire.

Retracting the defensive line is very normal, but the Ottomans' approach this time clearly went too far.

It's understandable to give up the northern plains of Serbia since flat terrain cannot stop a single attack from the Austrian army, but why abandon the southern mountainous areas, the Kosovo area, and the Bosnia and Herzegovina region all at once?

Even if only a small number of troops were left behind to organize a militia using the terrain advantage, they could slow down the advance of the Austrian army.