Chapter 68: Everyone is Playing the Game of Using Others to Kill

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Emerald waters, azure skies, verdant pastures, Vienna blooming with flowers.

In May, Vienna belonged to the flowers, with their presence filling every street and alley, as if the Viennese had a particular penchant for gardening.

The Belvedere Palace was even more a battleground of blooming flowers, adding a unique charm to the refreshing month of May.

Reading, admiring flowers, brewing tea, attending concerts—these were Franz's hobbies, and if there weren't two little girls following him, he would have enjoyed watching dances as well, particularly those with long-legged dancers.

It was purely artistic appreciation, of course; Franz's private life was highly respectable. He never mixed with noblewomen of wealth, had no vices, and didn't even have a lover, setting a moral example in the nobility.

If it weren't for the fact that he was often seen embracing two little girls, he would have even more evidence to prove this point.