Chapter 65, War Loans

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The Greek people were pulled in, but Franz didn't take it seriously at all. The main actors of this Near East war were the Russians, while Austria was just a bystander, at most throwing a few stones at the already-fallen Ottoman Empire.

Even though the two countries had declared war, there was actually a lot of room for maneuver on both sides. Austria only occupied two of its vassal states and then stopped, keeping the conflict within a controllable range.

The decrepit Sultan Government was actually quite tolerant, but it had previously overestimated its own strength, and Austria needed this war, which led them to this point.

As for whether or not to smash the Ottoman Empire, Franz was indifferent. With the support of England and France, even at their worst, the Ottoman Empire could still preserve the Asia Minor Peninsula.

As for the Greek people, frankly, Franz held no expectations for them.