Chapter 65: If We Don't Fight Now, We'll Be Out of Money

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Late at Night

In a small alley within Turin City, inside a grocery store, three middle-aged men were gathered together, conversing in hushed tones.

The older man asked, "Amor, how are things going?"

"The plan is proceeding very smoothly. The people's patriotic fervor is high. Even without our guidance, I'm afraid they would spontaneously go protest!" Amor replied with a smile.

"We cannot be careless. The more critical the moment, the more cautious we must be."

"You haven't attracted any unwarranted attention, have you?" the older man asked with concern.

"Rest assured, Camelo! My current identity is that of a patriotic small merchant from Venice. Now, my actions are completely in line with my identity.

On the surface, as long as the Kingdom of Sardinia occupies Venice, I stand to make a handsome profit.

In such a situation, it is expected of me to be antagonistic towards Austria, so it won't draw attention." explained Amor.