Chapter 41: Accidentally Planting Willows, Willows Provide Shade

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Since the establishment of the Holy Roman Economic Alliance, the economies of the member states have been closely interconnected, and the import and export trade volume between the alliances has rapidly soared.

Take Bavaria, for example, in 1850, the total import and export trade volume with Austria increased by 23 percent, with imports growing by 32 percent and exports by seven percent.

For the Kingdom of Bavaria, the trade deficit with Austria in 1850 had expanded to eight million shields, severely impacting the development of the Bavarian capitalist economy.

Of course, there are two sides to every coin. Due to geographical reasons, Austria had to go through Bavarian transit for trade with other sub-states in the South German Region, which also drove the development of the transportation industry within Bavaria.

Whether this resulted in a loss or profit is difficult to say. However, one thing is certain, those engaged in import and export trade made a profit.