Chapter 33, The March Revolution

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Go out?

That was impossible, Metternich was no fool. At this time, the enemy was just waiting for him to step out.

Don't even dream of explaining, it was more likely that as soon as he showed his face, someone would rush up and beat him to death, creating a fait accompli.

Such things have happened more than once in history, mostly glossed over with euphemistic writing, or perhaps blackened even further, turning into being killed on the spot by an angry mob.

If explanations were useful, political struggles wouldn't be so complicated.

"Prime Minister, order the expulsion of the demonstrators,"

Holder, the Chief of the Vienna Police Department, was under the greatest pressure, given the magnitude of the event. Many in the government believed that Metternich's time was up, and were already preparing their exit strategies.