Chapter 28: Bonds

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Finance Minister Karl said with delight, "Your Majesty, the 50 million pounds of bonds we issued in London have all been sold out."

It was indeed too smooth, or rather, the British had too much surplus capital. Dominating a large part of the international trade market, the British had accumulated too much capital.

Unable to digest it within the domestic market, they naturally had to look overseas. However, the overseas market also had its barriers, and not everyone was qualified to participate; those with insufficient strength could only invest in stocks and bonds.

The construction bonds issued by the Vienna Government were seen as high-quality assets and were naturally highly sought after by the petite bourgeoisie and the middle class.

The 50 million pounds were sold out in less than a week, this speed was a veritable scramble, and it is worth noting that bonds offered an annual interest of only 6.5%, which was not too high.