Chapter 26, Diary of a Pig Teammate's Rescue

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The hard days were brief, and after more than half a month of training, these Nobility Officers finally began to look a bit like soldiers.

At this time, the training content also changed; besides pure physical training, there were also military command classes.

This time the learning was very targeted. The examples discussed were all about urban warfare, something Franz had chosen with great care, naturally because it interested him.

Everyone came from a military background, so listening to these lectures wasn't strenuous. Compared to the earlier physical training, many displayed an eager enthusiasm.

"This is our strength, after all. How absurd to train us as if we were clueless grunts!"

With a sneer, Albrecht said, "Alright, I've finished speaking! You will form groups by squad and assume the enemy is attacking Vienna; develop a corresponding defensive plan;