Chapter 118: Balkan Peninsula Development Plan

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In a quaint castle in Prague, an elder over fifty years old solemnly asked, "Holst, are you really prepared?"

"Once you accept the government's deployment, you'll have a hard life for a long time to come, and it'll be too late to regret it then."

Holst seriously replied, "Father, the Vics family has already declined. In the last struggle for power, we suffered heavy losses in our network of relations within the government.

To seek a position in the government, one can only pass the civil service examination. There are too many competitors on this path, and our family has always developed within the military, where we do not have an advantage, and I'm not confident about making a name for myself.

The situation in the European continent is stabilizing, and for a long time to come, Austria will not be at war, eliminating the chance for a stroke of fortune on the battlefield.