Chapter 110, War Reparations

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Vienna International Hotel

Palmerston argued, "Mr. Metternich, your demands are too high; they have surpassed the Kingdom of Sardinia's capacity to pay!"

Metternich replied calmly, "Mr. Palmerston, let us account for the cost of war. In this Ausa war, Austria spent 100 million shields on military expenses and suffered casualties of 12,000 officers and soldiers. Even if no one paid 1,000 shields in pensions, that would still amount to 12 million shields.

Civilian deaths totalled 586,000, with 26,000 of the nobility, including marquises, and over a million people left homeless.

Calculating at 500 shields in pensions for each civilian and 3,000 shields for each noble, the total comes to 371 million shields, and for the homeless population, a conservative estimate for resettlement costs would be at least 150 million shields, right?