Chapter 108, Turin Falls

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Being allies is no easy task; major European powers are riddled with contradictions, and Austria can only form an alliance with one. Once a side is taken, the rest become enemies.

Perhaps Metternich had seen the essence of the matter long ago, after the Anti-French wars, he proactively contracted Austria's sphere of influence and strove to balance the powers of European countries, which placed Austria in an extraordinary position.

From the perspective of this era, these diplomatic measures were considered successful. The only failure was that Austria's internal reforms did not succeed, and its strength did not keep pace.

Lacking sufficient strength, naturally, it was impossible to maintain the Vienna System any longer, and Austria had to make a choice again.

"Let's wait and see the bargaining chips the British provide first. If they continue to support Italian unification, then the Kingdom of Sardinia can no longer be spared.