Chapter 106: The Debtor is the Uncle

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Prime Minister Felix said worriedly, "Your Highness, the Hungarian rebellion has ended. However, there is a portion of the nobility who did not participate in the rebellion but had their lands taken away during the chaos.

If we follow the previously issued 'Land Redemption Act,' now the Austrian Government is obligated to pay a total of 23.7 billion shields in land redemption money."

(1 shield = 11.69 grams of silver)

"How can it be so much?" Franz asked in surprise.

One must know that after this rebellion, nearly seven-tenths of the Hungarian nobility were finished, including those who have 'collected their boxed lunches' and those stripped of their titles due to their involvement in the rebellion.

Felix explained, "Your Highness, several major Hungarian families did not participate in the rebellion, and nearly half of this redemption money is to be paid to them.