Chapter 101, The Reclamation of Lombardy

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After the Battle of Venice, Marshal Radetzky didn't stop; he only allowed his troops two days of rest before marching towards the Lombardy Region.

The Sardinian Government overestimated their standing in the hearts of the local people, who, having experienced deception, now detested the Sardinian Government.

At this very moment, the aura of Marshal Bardorio as a famous general was shattered. The Venice battle broke the backbone of the Sardinian Army, and after losing faith, the destructive force of the disheartened soldiers was terrifying.

In every place they went, they brought calamity; without waiting for the government to mobilize the masses, they maximized the hatred against themselves.

Without a comparison, there was no sense of harm; ordinary people suddenly found that life under the rule of the Kingdom of Sardinia was even worse than during the Austrian Government's reign.