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Hollywood What If Chapter 66

"Hah! I wonder how long they can keep up this farce! I will win in the end. So many people sympathize with me!"

Cassandra roared as she read the notice from the court. She believed that as long as society was on her side, all would be well. 

She just attended another show and many looked at her with pity and sympathy. They prayed for her. 

Cassandra loved that people looked at her. She loved the attention so much that she didn't care if she had to lie. 

Besides, just as she had no proof, Kazir's side had no proof either. They both had friction, and Cassandra was winning.

"Well, if he apologizes and kneels before the public, I will forgive him. I might even have a relationship with him again. As long as he's useful."

Cassandra was attracted to the new Kazir. However, she was insulted when Kazir never looked at her. She wanted to prove to him that she was a woman of value. No one could turn her down. 

"But he has to pay the hush money first." She grinned. 

Hollywood was hectic these days because of the scandal she had started. 

So many TV stations were talking about her plight. She was actually shocked by what she had done. She thought that this case would be easy and quick. But more and more people started to hear about her story. 

The media didn't care about the truth, they just wanted to give the masses what they wanted. 

A story about a woman being beaten could generate sympathy. Especially if her husband was the talented director who created a 100 million dollar North American box office... $140 million to be exact. 

Those who were active on this were ABC and other networks under Disney. They tried to smear Kazir's reputation. 

Especially when The Hangover would be released on June 28th.

One of Disney's movies this year, Phenomenon, would be released on July 5, and there was a very strong chance that The Hangover and Phenomenon would have a clash. 

Even Independence Day and The Nutty Professor would be released around the same time as The Hangover. 

Universal Pictures joined in the bashing of Kazir just to give The Nutty Professor a better chance of making more money. 

As for 20th Century Fox, they didn't have a strong reaction to the Kazir scandal. They covered the story, but they didn't promote it. They would rather promote Independence Day than get involved in the scandal. 

Tom Rothman wanted to work with Kazir despite the backlash. He believed that a person like Kazir Grey would never be stopped by a scandal. Tom Rothman met Kazir Grey while writing the screenplay for Napoleon Dynamite II. Kazir didn't show any nervousness, as if it were a normal day. 

"It doesn't matter if Kazir wants to keep this farce... I will win." Cassandra grinned. 

She had just received a call from women's rights organizations. They wanted her to be their spokesperson. 

The real mastermind behind this scandal was actually Carl Morin and WMA. They didn't want Kazir to be successful after he left their company. It didn't sit well with them. 




The day of the press conference came. The people from Warner Bros. attended the conference. 

In front of so many reporters, Kazir looked calm and composed. It seemed that he was not affected by the scandal. 

"Before I answer all your questions. I just want you to watch this."

Kazir said. He didn't bother to explain.

The press conference was being broadcast live and many curious people were watching the conference.

On the screen they saw Cassandra and an old fat man in a restaurant. The video was clear enough to identify them. 

The people were curious, so they just kept their mouths shut and listened.

[What about your husband?]

[Kazir? He's fine. He is useless to me. He is nothing but a man who works hard for nothing. Even his agent, Carl Morin, doesn't think he'll succeed. I will file for divorce.]

[That might be difficult.]

[Of course, but I can accuse him of rape and assault]. 

In the recording, everyone saw Cassandra laughing arrogantly.

[The justice system always favors the weak. In marriage, women are usually the weaker side. Especially when we have children. Mothers are the ones who suffer the most after a divorce, because it's not easy to feed a child. So I'm going to use my position as a woman to get sympathy from the court. I'll probably get more than his property. If that doesn't work, I can charge him with rape and assault.] She chuckled and sipped a glass of wine. 

[But has he ever hurt you?]

[Kazir? No. He is not even in the house most of the time... So we can have some fun tonight.]

The recording ended.

"Now, everything you are witnessing is real. This is the real footage of their meeting at the Tribahoe restaurant. We have the reservation lists that they checked at the restaurant."


The reporters were stunned at first. However, the reporters started asking him so many questions that Kazir frowned. 

"I can't understand you when you talk at the same time."

While the reporters were having a feast, the citizens watching the press conference were shocked. They felt that they had been deceived! It was humiliating!

So everything Cassandra said about being beaten by her husband was false? She was lying!? 

The people felt angry. 

"Does she think we are idiots?"

"Hah! I can't believe I almost fell for her tricks!"

"Just because of her beauty!"

"Fuck! I even supported her!"

There was one thing people didn't like, they didn't want to be treated like idiots. They had brains and could think rationally.

"Cassandra is a lying bitch!"

That was what they thought. 

Kazir began to answer their questions. Of course, he chose the ones related to Time Warner. He knew they would paint him in a better light.

'Let's blacklist Disney and Universal Pictures. I have a limit too. They harassed me last time and I can't let that happen again.'

He thought as he answered their questions. 

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