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Hollywood What If Chapter 63

The movie premiere of Twister was on May 10, 1996. Unlike Se7en, where Kazir didn't have the right to go on the red carpet, Warner Bros was generous and gave him his first red carpet attendance. 

"Haaa, haahh..."

"Reese, you need to calm down. This is not even our movie. We're just guests."

Kazir chuckled as he looked at the woman next to him. His partner on the red carpet was Reese Witherspoon. 

"Kazir, I'm wondering how you can be calm. This is different from attending a premiere in other countries. Napoleon Dynamite didn't have a red carpet premiere in the US. Now, there are hundreds of reporters from different newspapers to take our pictures. I'm afraid I'm going to make a scene."

"I just feel like there's no reason to be nervous."

"You silly..."

She sighed. What did she expect from a man who didn't even react to the scolding of the Children's Association?  Kazir had a strong control over his emotions. 

'Sometimes I wonder if he should be an actor instead.'

She thought. 

"Trust me. Nothing bad will happen."

Kazir took her hand and squeezed it. 

"Thank you."

She didn't regret choosing Kazir. The man in front of her was much more mature. He was not easily frightened, as if he had experienced the worst.

'Sometimes I wonder how broken he is to be unaffected like this.'

"We're here."

The limousine stopped in front of the theater. The two stepped out, greeted by hundreds of camera flashes. 

Kazir and Reese kept their smiles on and walked ahead. 

Then they stopped at a checkpoint where reporters could take pictures of them. 

Then the coordinator signaled them to move on. 

Usually there were coordinators at this kind of event. 

This time, the two stopped at the checkpoint where reporters could interview them. 

Warner Bros had already contacted a reporter to interview Kazir. 

"Director Grey, what do you think about Twister?"

"I think Twister will be successful. It will be one of the top 5 movies at the worldwide box office this year."

"Wow~" The reporter's reaction was exaggerated. Then she asked another question. 

"When can we see your next project, everyone is hoping that you will create another funny movie."

"Of course, it will be released this summer."

"I see you have Miss Reese Witherspoon next to you. Would you like to tell us about your relationship?"

To be honest, Kazir and Reese already expected to be asked about their relationship. 

They had already been briefed by their agents. Warner Bros and their agents were doing publicity for The Hangover.

"We're just friends."

Kazir and Reese smiled for the camera before entering the theater. 

Their agents were actually trying to convince them to announce that they were officially dating. Everyone on the crew knew that Kazir and Reese were "close".

However, they both disagreed. They didn't want to use their relationship as a publicity stunt. In the end, Warner Bros had no choice but to promote the movie in a different way. 

'As much as possible, I don't want to destroy my privacy. I want to keep my life as simple as it is.'

Even though he knew it was just a dream. Once you become famous, you lose your privacy.

"I received three scripts last week, I wonder if you could give your opinion on them."

Reese whispered as they entered the theater. Hundreds of people were already inside. Some of them were talking, probably about Hollywood. 

"You can come to my office tomorrow."

"Tell me. Have you ever been to your apartment? It seems like you're always in your office."

"It's a waste of time to go to my apartment."

"What do you mean? Your apartment is only a few blocks from your company."

Reese teased him. 

"Kazir, nice to meet you."

Tom Cruise appeared and greeted them. Nicole Kidman stood next to Tom Cruise. Their height was too different, Nicole Kidman was too tall for Tom Cruise. 

But no one would try to say that in front of Tom Cruise. The superstar didn't like to be called by his height. 

Even Kazir was taller than Tom Cruise. Kazir was over 6 feet tall. 

"It's nice to meet you too, Tom. I heard your movie is coming out in May."

The two shook hands. 

"Paramount has already started promoting it. The shooting was actually quite difficult. Fortunately, I have a stunt double to do most of the dangerous stunts."

Famous actors would always have insurance. Of course, insurance companies would never let actors participate in dangerous stunts. 

"I want to invite you to see Mission: Impossible."

"I'll be there for sure."

After that, more actors began to greet Kazir and Reese. To be honest, the actors were interested in Kazir. 

Now that Kazir had become a rising director, many actors wanted to contact him in the hope of working with him. 

Enrico Pusi and Terry Semel also greeted him. 

A few minutes later Twister started. The movie cost $88 million plus $4 million for publicity. 

It starred Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton. The movie was about a tornado that destroyed everything in its path. 

The movie was interesting. Reese Witherspoon and Kazir Grey had fun watching the movie. 




In the first three days of Twister, it earned $41.05 million. This meant that the movie was successful.

It defeated its rival in its first weekend and became the box office champion of the week. 

While Warner Bros did follow-up advertising for Twister, Kazir Grey spent most of his time in the editing room with Brody Hamilton. 

"If we keep this pace, we can finish post-production in June."

Brody had a keen sense of such things. 

Kazir agreed with Brody Hamilton. 

Unfortunately, while Kazir was busy with the post-production of The Hangover, rumors began to circulate in Hollywood. 

It was said that there was a certain director who beat his wife out of depression...

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