2 Chapter 1: Naruto Uzumaki

"Mighty strength, immense power, immeasurable riches and the most beautiful women, isn't that what everyone strives for? Hypocrites will condemn such desires, but no matter how a person runs away from the truth, all this is just a selfish way to achieve the cherished peace of the soul. Absolutely everyone wants to be on top. Past, present: sometimes life changes too suddenly, you won't have time to look back, and you have reached your final point. In the past, I didn't even try, although I understood my true nature. This was my main mistake and perhaps the only reason why I saved so much strength for an unlimited future. Thoughts, ambitions and unfulfilled dreams, like an endless mountain peak, rose above me and, it would seem, I should lose, surrender and remain the same greedy and unsatisfied person. After all, without strength, how can you cross a mountain? That's just ... The wish came true! Although, a little differently, not at all as planned ... "

Spacious office. Many stacks of documents. Musty smell and complete mess. This is how everyone would describe the cabinet of the Legendary Shinobi, who now holds the title of Strongest Hokage in history. Everyone who has ever happened to be in his place.

He was sitting in an easy chair by the window. He sat and looked around discontentedly. A table, a computer monitor, just below the latch with a keyboard, and nearby an instant ramen, apparently: cold long ago. If you look closely, you can see a wardrobe full of books and scrolls against the wall, and on the other wall there are six portraits - mostly older men, with the exception of one hot young beauty. The look of the blonde at the table stopped on the body of the beauty for almost a whole minute. Because he was more and more surprised, realizing what situation he was in.

The whole office did not look important, on the floor, in addition to strange wires, there were crumpled pieces of paper and various rubbish everywhere. Perhaps one of the old cans of ramen had such a disgusting stench.

- So there it is, yes ... Lucky, lucky ... Yes, so me! - already jumping up from the chair, "Naruto" sat down again, quickly calming down. He immediately realized that it would be better not to attract attention. This crazy situation can quickly get out of hand if you don't pull yourself together!

Leaning back on the soft back of the chair, the man breathed out a long breath:

"Impossible, but it doesn't look like glitches ... I'm really Naruto!" - Beginning to examine his body, the man saw a large mirror nearby and quickly ran up to him.

Short yellow hair, blue eyes and a tired, haggard face. Quite attractive if not for this gray office slave mask.

"Not surprising ..." - touching the three stripes on his cheek, the man sighed:

"I look a little more courageous than Naruto whom I remember, and judging by the portraits of the Hokage, they are all different" - he swallowed: "Especially Tsunade ..."

Back at his seat, Naruto sniffed the cold ramen in the plastic mug.

- Well, it's tolerable, - grabbing chopsticks, he tried to grab the noodles, but this approach quickly got bored. I just had to drink ...

- M-mm, okay.

After a little snack, the man leaned back in his chair and threw his legs on the table. He decided to ponder the situation, on a full stomach, everything should clearly become easier.

"Shouldn't it?" - he closed his eyes and sighed: "Perhaps ..."

"So we have ... I ... Hmm ... Who is this 'I'? Hmm, well, this "someone" just happened to be here and really does not even remember his past life ... "- collecting his thoughts, Naruto tensely closed his eyebrows.

"How creepy! I hardly remember anything! Only ... Some memories of my childhood and the very last days, mainly related to my entertainment, most of all reading manga and watching anime. There are also all sorts of TV shows, I can't even remember the name! Oh ... Maybe I'm so nerdy that I really spent my whole life for this? " - Shaking his head, the man sighed: "Fabulous life ..."

Slowly massaging his temples, Naruto began to understand, probably, he would not be able to remember anything. There was a feeling that he just had to forget about the past and focus on the present. Only, the reality turned out to be too difficult to comprehend!

"I am Naruto Uzumaki, the famous Hero of the Shinobi World ... Sounds solid, hmm ... And dangerous! What do i do? I will make at least one wrong move and I will be finished "- with a heavy sigh, the man rubbed his tired eyes:

"Okay, maybe there are pluses in this. I am still the Hokage and in my body the Nine-Tailed Fox, besides, I have a lot of strength, chakra and power. Yes, and a beautiful wife ... I would take advantage of all this to the fullest! Just ... "- Grimacing, Naruto tried to fold the seals for the cloning technique, but he failed! He remembered them perfectly!

As he was about to try to repeat his actions, a gloomy voice filled with lifeless cold suddenly sounded in his head:

[System activation!]

[Request approved]

Naruto didn't know how to react when strange information finally loaded into his brain and he immediately understood everything about this "system".

- What the ... This is nonsense, - he was ready for different news, but the system? It sounded worse than it actually seemed.

After contemplating the status, his irritation only intensified.

Naruto Uzumaki

Race: Superior Human

Status: Seventh Hokage, Jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails, Patriarch Uzumaki, Hashirama Cells, Senjutsu of the Six Paths, Descendant of Оtsutsuki, Child of Prophecy, Savior of This World, Asura Reincarnation, System Master.

Status: Seal Suppression ↑ ↑ ↑

It could show that everything is just fine, but there was one "but" - the Seal of suppression! It was because of her, in fact, that Naruto was not able to use chakra, at all! Moreover, he could not connect with the biju in his body - he could not do anything at all. All that is left is his strong body. Fortunately, it was just developed to incredible values. Naruto clearly will not be killed by a common man and perhaps even by someone weaker than Jonin. However, it is better not to allow the battle, without experience, Taijutsu is also impossible to use. Of course, there was still chakra in his body, but the Seal of Suppression blocked all control. Simply put, he is just a strong shinobi with no basic abilities or skills. All he has left is the body and the post of Hokage. Of course, there is also a system from which there has not been much benefit so far. Except, perhaps, the ability to consider in more detail their "Great" titles.

"To me too ... What is the desired function" - sighing, Naruto continued to study further.

Most of these titles are so clear, only the "System Master" gave some fresh information:

"System Master":

- Ability I: See Status

- Ability II: see the status of others (Block)

- Ability III: Skills (Lock)

- Ability IV: Subjugate!

Reading this, Naruto only understood part of it. With status, everything is clear, with subordination too, since the system had one more function besides status. Although, the skills were still thought-provoking. The block could be related to the suppression seal.

The most problematic is not the Seal, but rather not knowing all the situations. Naruto did not gain knowledge of himself "past". As a result, he is here and what to do is not at all clear ...

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