Writers Notes

Surrounded by darkness seems eerie and unbearable to most, but to a few it is home...it is a reality... their reality. This story is about a woman named Livia Moon and a man named Apollo River, who allow their darkness to be their light. They learned the hard way that blood doesn't make you family it just merely states that you are related.

What is family? Most would say it is whatever you make it to be, and I couldn't agree with that statement more. Throughout this story you will develop love not only for the two main protagonists, but also for the supporting characters.

Livia hasn't always been strong. She was once a timid innocent girl filled with joy and hope, but that all changed when she lost her mother and older brother in a car accident. Her father slandered the joy from her eyes and beat the hope from her soul. She became numb to the pain, an emotionless vessel that no longer believed in the good of the world.

Her traumatic life taught her how to spot wolves that wear sheep clothing well. She vowed to never become anyone's punching bag ever again.

As for Apollo, he was a man that women drooled over, and men wanted to be. He was born to follow no one. He expects nothing less than respect, loyalty, and honesty. His mother was murdered by one of his father's enemies and later in life his father succumbed to his illness. Despite the tragedy he was never alone; his six best friends, his brothers, stood right beside him through every trial and tribulation. They would do anything for him, even if that meant laying down their lives.

These two people fear and play weak for no one. They will become each other's weakness, but greatest strength.


If you are alone, does that make you lonely? If you kill does that make you murder? If the people that you kill are monsters that prey on the weak and innocent does that make you a monster as well?

My Answer...

Being alone doesn't make you lonely, but loneliness is always accompanied by being alone. Law will tell you that a killer is a murderer, and they are right, but the motive behind killing is what truly matters. If your motive is to protect those who can't protect themselves then the best way to defeat a monster is to become one yourself.

Monsters, killer, blood, gore we are all looking for that someone whose demons play well with our own.