32 Give Me Your Number

Yi Mei made sure to press hard on the man's cut. How dare he eat her Young Miss' tofu in her own home? If Yi Mei was not mistaken, Jin Liwei was already in his thirties.

The Young Miss was barely in her twenties, only recently leaving her teenage years, and this old man wanted to lay his lusty paws on her? An old cow eating young grass! What a villain! The Young Miss was too gentle, only leaving a small cut on his lip. She should have bitten this evil man's tongue off!

He might be the most powerful man in the country's business world, but to the old housekeeper's eyes, Jin Liwei was just a lustful brat who set his lusty eyes on her innocent Young Miss. Yi Mei roughly applied a small bandage on the man's injury.

Jin Liwei couldn't help but wince a bit, but his pride wouldn't allow him to make a sound or complain. He looked sharply at the old housekeeper, but the housekeeper quickly rearranged the first aid kit and stood up, not meeting his eyes.

"Thank you, Yi Mei," Iris said.

"At your service, Young Miss."

"Let's go to lunch." Iris stood up.

Everyone followed the housekeeper.

The three―Iris, Jin Liwei and Dom―ate lunch together. Poor Dom felt like the brightest light bulb. If murderous intent could kill, he would be dead so many times already.

Although Jin Liwei didn't show much expression on his face, Dom was also a man so he could definitely sense that Jin Liwei wanted him to leave the two alone together. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. What could he do? His boss wanted him to eat with them.

They enjoyed a simple yet hearty meal of roasted Peking duck and Ma Po tofu as the main dishes. Jin Liwei had not eaten such a common meal for a long time. The personal chef he hired to cook for him at home ensured that he always had high class, five-star worthy meals every single day. And as the head of the country's number one company, people would always clamour to serve him similar high class dishes during business meals, hoping to impress him and gain advantageous deals with Jin Corporation.

Eating traditional Chinese cuisine like this was not bad at all. It reminded him of the family dinners during his childhood. Now everything was so formal that it was stifling.

He enjoyed eating a meal for the first time in a long time. Not to mention that he had a mysterious and intriguing beauty to admire beside him as he ate. This felt good.

The two men ate several servings, looking like they were inhaling all the food.

As they ate, Jin Liwei once again tried to persuade Iris to accept his offer to hire her for her detailed and comprehensive reports. She didn't want to waste time arguing with him anymore, so she reluctantly agreed.

Jin Liwei was immediately in a great mood.

After lunch, Jin Liwei was ready to leave, carrying a box full of sponge cakes.

"Xiulan, give me your personal phone number."

Iris narrowed her eyes. The arrogant man now dropped her surname?

"No need, Mr. Jin. You can contact me anytime via e-mail. You also seem to have my assistant's phone number already. You can reach me through him."

"No. I want your own phone number," he insisted. "I'm not leaving until you give it to me."

No matter how Jin Liwei tried to find her personal phone number, he couldn't. Iris made sure to conceal it.

Jin Liwei turned to her assistant, threatening him with a look.

"Her number is…" Dom immediately recited his boss' number.

"Got it." Jin Liwei instantly memorized it. He was very pleased.

Iris was taken aback. She glared at her traitor of an assistant. "Dom! Do you want to get fired?!"

"Ehe. Sorry, boss. I won't do it again. Ah! My stomach suddenly hurts. I need to run to the washroom! See you later, boss! And have a good day, Mr. Jin! Bye!" The traitor ran away.

"You…" She could only sigh.

Iris had no choice but to send off Jin Liwei to the private elevator herself. The two stood in front of the elevator door looking at each other.

"Xiulan, you must answer my calls. If you don't, I'll come here again."

She glared at him.


"Fine." She inwardly harrumphed.

"And good luck on the release of your comeback album. I'm looking forward to it."

Her eyes softened. "Thank you."

"Take care of your health. Don't push yourself too hard."

"Yes. Thanks."

"I'll leave now."


They looked at each other.

Jin Liwei pulled her into his arms and kissed her once again. Hard.

Before she could react, he already released her.

She was dazed and breathless.

"Goodbye, Xiulan. I'll call you."

He stepped inside the elevator and the door closed behind him.

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