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His Accountant Princess


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"How do I not have the right?! I'm your husband. And how can that bastard of a man have the right then? How dare he think of you? You are mine and - Zila fiercely cut him off, eyes clearly filled with rage. "I am not yours, Kay. If I was, then why did you throw me out of your house and not believe me when I had told you my explanation?" "You. Are. Mine! " He simply replied, his every word clear. -------------------------------------------------------------- In a country, named Finorea, where kings and queens still exist, a girl named Zila got married to a ruthless and cold crown prince. [VOLUME 1] ~Pursuing His Wife Back. The jealousy of some people separated them from each other. But he can't pursue after her as now he knows of the many dangers that will come their way when he becomes a king. And he can't take any chance when it comes to Zila. [VOLUME 2] ~His Wife Is Back Zila came back with Kay now but she didn't want to be with him anymore as he broke her heart. Kay will do anything to keep her with himself and he would made her stay with him whether she likes it or not. -------------------------(----) --------------------- *This is a CEO modern day romance novel. So if you are a fan of Happy ending novels, do give it a try. New book "Her Devil Prince" is out. Do check it out.


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