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What is Hired

Hired is a popular web novel written by the author Neche ibe, covering Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 41.7K readers with an average rating of 4.84/5 and 18 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 46 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Hired By Neche ibe Favour Prologue ______________________________________________________ Have you heart ever been played and you've never been love for who you are expect for the money you've got. Have you been treated like a piece of junk by men who be never loved you but are after something from you. This is the story of Emily James who has given her body, her heart to many men who ends up having her heart shatter into pieces by those men. She's the richest woman in american from a family of a millionaire who later began a billionaire on her own. With all her wealth she couldn't find true love that's the only thing she lacks. Her prince charming, her own true love. What's happened When she has a duaghter for the man she thought she loved, who happens to be her first love. What happened when the man broke her heart on the day which supposed to be the joyous day of her lit. What happens when her daughter needs a daddy? What's happened when her parents forces her to get married ? Will she get a daddy for her daughter? What happens when she hired a man to be free from her parents taunt's. Will she fall for this man or revise would be the case. Dive into this intriguing story and let's find out. Hit the like button Grab your popcorns and anticipate episode 1.

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The novel is super interesting and very well plotted. I just red the last updated episode and am enjoying it already. it a wonderful book...


I love this book so much, I can read it till my battery dies. I love how the characters developed in the novel and i also loved the writing quality of the writer.


wow!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooo in love with this book it so captivating the plots of the story is amazing it kills boredom keep you busy and super interesting please like and read it


The book is legit.Flawless!!!! everything about it is so graceful.The author did not come to play and ment business.The book is definitely an eye catcher.Very interesting and nice to read to let the time fly by.


I can't wait to finish this book. It sounds very interesting. I read the first chapter an I love the way you describe her broken self. I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. But that is exactly what I am going to do judge your book by its cover. And the cover and the synopsis are sounding majestic and vibrant.[img=fp] Can't wait.


I love this story so much, it's so outstanding. I couldn't stop reading, it's really interesting and I'd love to read more. Continue your amazing work Author.


Charlie is such a d!ck. Anyhow, the story is such an amazing read I can't put it down. The title is intriguing and the synopsis is good, but it could be better. There are some grammatical errors which are okay, as the story is great. But if they are taken care of then this would be a commendable work! Great job for this amazing plot author. Cheers! Keep writing!


I love this book so muchhhhh.........and I will continue to read it. When I read the synopsis, I immediately got captivated by the book and I can't wait to read more. Great job,nice work,keep it up.


The emotions of the main character are well written, especially the first two chapters are very nicely explained. I hope you keep updating :)) excited to read more.


Most men do not lkke romance it does not sound like romance to most men it sounds like work! But this story is different. An interesting premise and engaging.


The storyline is interesting & hooked me the read the story further...I liked how the prologue started...The choice of words is fantastic...The author showcased the characters very well...I hope the story ends on a happy note...Eager to know what happens next...Kudos, work, Author!


The synopsis is extremely interesting. Captivating story from the beginning, cant wait for more uploads. Characters are relatable and I grew fond of them as the story developed. Well written and easy to read. Excellent novel, well done. [img=recommend]


Very well written. This novel will keep you at the edge of your seat. I look forward to more chapters!


I really liked how our female lead is so strong after going through everything. I like how author describing her character and showing her strong despite of everything.good luck 💜👏😊


Yeas Mr waiter! The synopsis is extremely interesting. Captivating story from the beginning, cant wait for more uploads. Characters are relatable and I grew fond of them as the story developed. Well written and easy to read. Excellent novel, well done. [img=recommend]


super interesting I love Emily so much.. Abd the little Eva is a exciting character. I love this novel. thanks author 😍


Wow! I love Emily's story. I love how she was introduced and how she acts in the story. I also find her story an interesting one and very much fond of her. Nice work ❤️


Absolutely stunning, that the author has a great capability of thinking, I really appreciate your fidelity & hard work through the book. keep it up, author!


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