Hidden Marriage With My Imperfect CEO

Anya dreams to have a simple, and peaceful life. However, there has only been misery in her life. This beautiful girl must work hard Every day to support her mother and herself. Until one night, Anya accidentally spent the night in a luxury hotel room, with a handsome man she didn't know! That night changed her whole life... Aiden offers Anya a marriage, for unknown reason to the girl. But Aiden also promised to make Anya's dream come true: wealth and a peaceful life. Will Anya live quietly and happily like her dream? Can Anya live in peace by becoming the wife of the CEO of the largest company in Asia?

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Hidden Hatred

Anya stepped her feet towards her childhood home. Seeing a familiar face, the house guard immediately opened the gate for her. Salim had been working in that house for decades, so he had known Anya since she was a child.

"Wow, Miss Anya, it's rare of you to visit the house these days. Who are you looking for, Miss?" asked Salim. His face, which was old and wrinkled, smiled when he saw Anya.

Anya smiled back at Salim. "I want to meet Natali, sir."

Anya did not have time to make small talk with Salim. Right now, her mind was in chaos so she headed straight to the door of the house. Not yet at the door of the house, a middle-aged woman hurried over and stopped her. "Non, don't go in yet. Just come back tomorrow. The madam was furious, "She said. This woman was a housemaid who had taken care of Anya since she was a child so that she loves Anya like a daughter.

"What's wrong, Bi Ida?" asked Anya in confusion.

"That, non. Madame…" Ida had not had time to explain what was going on, Mona suddenly appeared and approached Anya. Without further ado, her left hand grabbed Anya's long hair, while her right hand slapped Anya's cheek hard.

"You cheap woman!" She shouted as she kept pulling Anya's hair hard.

Anya felt confused. She just arrived, but Mona suddenly attacked her without explaining what had happened.

Anya tried to fight back. She hit, scratched and did everything she could to get Mona off her hook, "It hurts, Mrs. Mona. Let go! What did I do wrong?" Her head ached from getting her hair yanked, while her cheeks felt burned from Mona's slap. The scars left by Mona's nails were clearly visible on her white cheeks.

Salim and Ida were very surprised to see this. All of this happened so suddenly that they didn't have time to react. After awakening from their surprise, they rushed over to help Anya. But Mona looked at the two of them sharply and shouted, "You want me to fire you?"

Mona's normally graceful face became creepy as she glared at the two people, while her eyes were red with anger. Salim and Ida were in a dilemma. They really wanted to help Anya, but they couldn't lose their jobs either. Where should they find a new job with their age like this?

Mona's threat made them stop, but the anxiety did not fade from their faces. They exchanged glances and thought, what could they do to help Anya.

"You bitch! How dare you tease Natali's fiancé! How insolent! " She said while continuing to pull Anya's hair and beat her.

'Fiance? What does Mona mean?'

"I'm not flirting with Natali's fiancé. I don't know what Mrs. Mona means! " cried Anya.

"Can you still deny it? You women don't know themselves!" Mona pushed Anya to her knees on the ground. Her right foot, wearing high heels, kicked Anya's body.

Anya could only curl up, trying to protect herself from Mona's kicks and punches, "I don't understand at all. What did I do wrong? I just want to meet Natali…"

��What are you looking for Natali for? Now my daughter is crying because of your actions. You have ruined Natali and her fiancé's relationship. You have destroyed this family." Shouted Mona.

Anya really didn't know what made Mona beat her like this. She came to this house to ask for an explanation for Natali's actions, but she got beaten for what she did not do.

"I really don't know..." She cried.

Mona threw her cell phone until it hit Anya's head and yelled at her, "Look at that! Are you still looking for more excuses?"

Anya grimaced in pain while holding her head. She took Mona's cellphone and saw the news on the screen. Her eyes were widened, looking at her photo when she was leaving the hotel next to a photo of a man. That man was the man who was in the hotel room with her last night!

Aiden Atmajaya!

The man who was with her yesterday was Aiden Atmajaya! The son of the Atmajaya Group conglomerate and CEO, who was none other than Natali's fiancé himself!

Anya was baffled when she read the news. She couldn't believe all this. She didn't even know who Aiden Atmajaya was. Natali did all this to her!

But why did Natali frame her and send her to her own fiancé's hotel room? What did all this mean?

"Get away from this house, you bastard! Don't ever set foot in this house again!" After saying that, Mona turned around and slammed her door hard.

Salim and Ida immediately rushed over to Anya, helping her to get up. Ida cried when she saw Anya's battered condition, her body was covered with bruises, "Non, I will treat the wounds."

Anya held Ida's hand and prevented her from leaving. "No, Bi. I don't want my aunt to be fired." She returned Mona's cellphone to Ida and got up.

"Sorry, Non. We can't do anything. " Salim and Ida feel very guilty. However, they couldn't oppose Mona. They also had a family to support.

"I understand, Pak Salim, Bi Ida." Said Anya with a smile, calming Salim and Ida, "I'd better just go home."

Salim and Ida could only see Anya leaving sadly. They don't know why the Tedjasukmana family, who used to be happy, were now like this ...


Natali saw all this happening from the window of her room while laughing loudly. During this time, she always hated Anya. She felt that Anya had everything in this world. Beautiful, smart, famous… What didn't Anya have in this world?

Natali also had a pretty face and she was not stupid either. But why couldn't she be like Anya? Anya was known as the most beautiful girl on campus. She was loved by lecturers for her intelligence and many men fell in love with her. Meanwhile, Natali couldn't get all of that even though her face was also attractive. Instead, she had to be caught in an arranged marriage with a blind man.

As time went by, the resentment in her heart accumulated. Anya's attitude that remained kind and gentle to her only nurtured hatred in her heart. She knew Anya treated her well because she considered Natali to be her own sister, but her attitude disgusted her. She did not want to be sisters with that woman!

Today, she felt very satisfied. She saw the woman she hated beaten black and blue in front of her house. Anya's good name was also destroyed. Now, she was no longer Anya, the most beautiful girl on campus. She was also not Anya, the favorite student of the lecturers. Now, everyone would know Anya as a cheap woman who seduced men for wealth.

A cheap woman who snatched another woman's fiancé ...