1003 New Battle Techniques

Back to Present. 

After reliving a memory of the past when Romulus had created 5 special techniques custom-made for Kahn after considering all of his abilities, powers, and many other things… the future Kahn decided to use them now that Hero of Time had miraculously resurrected his allies.

"Lord Anakin! What is this? 

I remember that I died!" spoke Knull Symbitar.

"Yes, you did. He killed all of you and now I am forced to use my divine weapon and my domain just so I could resurrect all of you.

You all no longer have your cores and you will die again after I deactivate my domain and the divine weapon.

I can't fight him in this state because I have to focus and provide all of you with my world energy." explained the Hero of Time to his deceased allies.

"But this time… all of you have returned to your former state as Saints and no longer are suppressed by the laws of Babylon.


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