1 001 scary night

It was a cold and lonely night it was raining very heavily,mom and dad had gone away for a business trip it was just I and Sam my little brother ,we were home alone.The lightning so scary and thunder stucks powerfully roaring like an angry monster.sam was already at sleep I was the only one awake,I wrapped myself up in fear,the night was so long and scary,the lightnings and thunder were my only companion I was so scared but i managed to sleep.when I woke up in d morning I washed up and went to check on sam.sam was still asleep.i went downstairs to the dining mum and dad was not there so I went to check on them in their room .I knocked severally but there was no reply,knocked again still no reply.creekk... the door opened then I realized the door was open all this while."mum..dad"" I called out while forcing myself into the room.nobody!! I was surprised "mum and dad didn't come home last night?" I said to myself.

"This memory still remains fresh in my head like it happened yesterday"

(The narrator "Beauty "stops narrating the story as the story continues)

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